Speaking At She Streams Conference!

NEWS | | May 21, 2012 at 9:50 am

A few weeks ago I headed to Fort Lauderdale in Florida to speak at a conference called She Streams. I had never been to it before but had heard many a wonderful thing from the 1st one held last year. Besides Maria Bailey, the founder of the conference, has been known to grab some of the most entrepreneurial of minds for her events. Though I was issued an ultimatum by my daughter turning 5 that weekend that she wanted me home for her birthday, I was not going to miss the chance of attending this conference. The compromise was heading there for 1/2 the conference which, while not desirable, satisfied my need for being there for this milestone.

I roomed with Charlene and have say that pregnant lady moves so much she makes the non-pregnant me feel lazy. The rooms were so much more spacious than I assumed and seriously would have made my chai there had I known it came with a kitchen. The one thing about this conference was that there was a lot of learning and sometimes I feel blasé about conferences which either promote the same-old, or make it so theoretical (yes pigs fly but I don’t care) that I draw nothing from it and it wastes my time. I actually looked forward to attending sessions and learning – and learn I did. Things from video to Linked-in reminded me what I needed to work on.

Sponsors were creative in their booths with my favorite being Freschetta. We had to make a video about what it meant being a mom and if you know me then you know I hate videos. Woah, hold on – let me clarify: I hate videos of me since I am pretty self conscious on my looks (we all have our thing, right?). Anyway, I like doing things that I find difficult since I hope it will help me “get over it”. So while I chatted with Charlene and Jenny and we giggled a little (ok, a lot) the brand loved our banter so much they made a video with us just chatting. Personally I am dying to see this video because I thoroughly enjoyed making it – which sets the message that all I need to do is relax for a video, that is easier said than done.

My panel of Power Moms made me blush and sit up straighter at the same time. Blush because dude, it takes a lot to wear the “Power Mom” cape and not feel humbled. Proud because it is true, the power we hold far exceeds what we just do in blogging – it is the way we live our life – somewhat publicly and setting examples, which we educate and inspire. While I told stories of working my way and finding opportunity I found myself newly inspired, since a girl can get jaded after a while in this biz. The common vein of thought was pricing and approaching influencers in the field. Sadly many think influencers are unapproachable and admittedly I do have 32K unread emails in my inbox, anyone who sends me a personal email without the mass pitch posted will get a reply. Also money is not a one-size-fits-all simple issue like most would have. Deciding on your requirements this will adjust accordingly.

All in all a wonderful conference and even though I missed the 2nd day I did get to enjoy lunch on a docked boat courtesy of Disney Parks – and honestly that is a little tough to top in my book. Thanks to She Streams not only providing me a conference pass as a speaker but also a travel stipend. AT& T, one of the sponsors, also sent me their new PanTech phone to test out at She Streams. Here are the pictures in video below

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