It Is Mango Season, Are You Ready?

REVIEWS & CONTESTS | | May 11, 2012 at 7:05 pm

That sounded way better than “It is bikini season” right? Of course eating a mango has got to be one of the least stressful activities one can do this summer. I grew up eating mangos, I mean tons and tons of mangos (no exaggeration) at all. I had them ri, I had them green, I had them spiced, sliced and diced. Mango season was a huge deal for us back home.

We would start from the time they were green. You would have to get them nice and firm and while the seeds are softer to cut through. Then either I would sliced it and eat dipping into a chutney made of chili powder, salt, sugar and vinegar and eat (yum) or cut them in pieces and soak overnight in salt water. Then we would lay them to dry on a newspaper in the sun and  and mix with special spice mixture and some put in some bottle with oil and enjoy for the rest of the year along with some lovely dish. Yum!

Then for the ones which ripen, we eat, and eat and eat until we can’t anymore. I know there are several recipes you can use them in but when I get the actual mango I just enjoy it as it is. But of course if I buy any food which has fruit flavors mango tops it. Unlike Boston, in Durban (South Africa) where I come from, mangos are abundantly found and relatively cheaper. Not only is it not common in Boston but it comes at a higher price which ends up making them more of a gourmet indulgence. Personally I miss tropical fruits and would be more found buying even baby food for my kids (even when they were babies) with mango and kiwi flavors. My kids are probably the only kids who have not grown up eating applesauce and both are huge fans of mango even now.

In fact it is the chosen flavor for ice-creams and yogurt drinks and sometimes we have to go to the Indian supermarkets because the flavor is more common there. A firm favorite in the house is mango lassi and I promise to post a recipe soon but basically it is a yogurt drink which is extremely tasty. These days I just cut a huge slice of the mango on either side of the big seed. Then I cut in squares making sure I don’t cut all the way t the peel. When done, I turn it inside out so that the peel is in the inside of the curve with the squares popping above making it easy to cut squares out. But don’t need to be neat and formal all the time, juicy fruits deserve to have every ounce of their precious juices sucked out, even if you have to have some juices ooze down your hands.

Go grab some mangos now, before you blink and miss this heavenly fruit season.

Disclosure: I was sent a variety of mangos by the Mango Board to try out but heck I have been eating it since I was little!

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