Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits!

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For a long time I have been extra careful about exposure to the music pumped out today. If you scrutinize the lyrics you could forgive this mama for that. Of course deciphering the lyrics itself is a mighty task on its own and was a reason I considered to just let it be. Then I realized kids seem to have the natural ability to unlock the words that frankly sounded like another language muffled under a thick winter scarf to me. That alone was an incentive to explore Kidz Bop.

I explored another CD in the Kidz Bop series earlier and it became a firm favorite but I was dying for something new we could both sing to. While my younger kid moves naturally to music, I could see the same could not be said for her older sister who has Autism. I clearly have seen her try to grasp the rhythm and move awkwardly to the music. I consider music to be therapeutic so I kept with it. Then slowly I saw her get into it, I mean REALLY get into it. Her favorite at the moment is Adele and I have to admit she introduced me to her music else I would not have stopped to appreciate it.

Favorites like “Put a ring on it”, “Soul sister”, “Dynamite” and more make this easily a CD you will not get a chance to put back in the cupboard. This Kidz Bop is similar to the one I mentioned except it is one of those collections that you can easily grab and go for a road trip or a short jaunt to the supermarket. And you know what? I don’t mind leaving it playing even when the kids are not around. Shhh, don’t tell them!

Here are the details:

KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits

Street Date: May 8th

Complete Track Listing:

1.      Tik Tok

2.      Dynamite

3.      California Gurls

4.      I Gotta Feeling

5.      Billionaire

6.      Party In The USA

7.      Break Your Heart

8.      Hey Soul Sister

9.      DJ Got Us Falling In Love

10.    Fire Burning

11.    You Belong With Me

12.    Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

13.    Fireflies

Disclosure: I received the product for review purposes

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