Hey Kiddo, Meet Archie!

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Did you comics as a kid? I did and though my teacher raised her eyebrows at me considering the shortened words and peppered slang not good reading material, they were the sprinkles to my ice-cream. I was a last-minute study kind of girl, and I still thrive on deadlines, but since I was wicked smart I did well each time. I remember studying for my matric examination, which were stressful since these results affected you getting into college, and I decided Archie comics would be my reward. In an age (18) where teens maybe look to a night at a club or something similar as their unwinding treat, I looked at these comics. I loved them dearly and I would often purchase them and create a huge stack to be read after exams. That visual of the books was all the inspiration I needed to toil the nights away studying crazily, even with my non-sympathetic sister who would keep the tv blaring, I kept on it. I never ventured into other types of comics as they seemed to have tiny writing which looked cramped, yeah not very sophisticated reason to not read them, but give me a break, I was young and did not need deep reasons to like or not like something.

Anyway, I have to admit I never fully introduced my kids to Archie, as much as I loved it I did not want it to be their 1st reading experience. But then I heard of the DVD of Archie’s Weird Mysteries I could not help myself. I have seen it myself and it has a retro feel to it.  In fact it is available on special from $12.98, it is now going for $9.99. Don’t you love it when you can share a piece from your past?

Here is the sypnosis from the site:

Things are getting weird in Riverdale, home of all-American boy and high school newspaper reporter, Archie Andrews. Ever since an experiment in the high school physics lab went awry, Riverdale has become a magnet for the stuff of which “B-Movies” are made. A swamp creature has taken up residence in the old swimming hole! Frankenstein’s monster is hanging out on Lover’s Lane! Mad scientists, werewolves, vampires, giant ants, UFO’s and zombies are invading Riverdale. It is thrills, chills and a whole lot of laughs. Join Archie and his pals – beautiful Betty, sexy Veronica, devious Reggie and eccentric Jughead – as they do their best to unravel ARCHIE’S WEIRD MYSTERIES.   Get all 40 episodes in this monster collection!

I was a total Betty fan and felt like clobbering Archie each time he ditched her and went with Veronica. Jughead was so much my favorite that my friends called me that at college since my last name sounded similar.

Disclosure: I received this DVD to review.

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