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You remember when I asked you what you would do if you had 3 minutes some time earlier? Well it seems like you guys, and several more moms had so many brilliant ideas that we actually now have a book. So while I know we have a gazillion ideas and just not enough time to do those things in, I have at many a moment been stumped as to what to do when I actually got the time. In fact I have been known to get so excited when I travel and am alone in a hotel room (yeah, you have reason to be jealous) that I feel overwhelmed and end up doing nothing.

I clean up by sorting out room with stacks of trash, laundry and then piles of objects of similarity together (hair stuff, books etc). It really makes cleaning a cinch.

So in case you have one of those moments, this ebook would be perfect to use. Whether you keep a printed copy lying around which will also spur you to have crazy smart ideas on stuff to do,or just just the electronic copy on your smartphone or tablet, you now have a super handy list available.  Author Karen Kaufman Orloff was inspired by some of the advice and wrote the book  If Mom Had Three Minutes. The book is available free and personally with everything with everything I have to pay for these days, free sounds pretty good for me.

As if you needed another reason you can share the e-book with friends and get a $1 off coupon* for Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes, making it easier than ever to help keep your home and family healthier.

So go ahead to the If Mom Had Three Minutes tab on Clorox’s Facebook page to download the e-book.

*While supplies last, option to skip and receive coupon.

Disclosure: I am being compensated by The Clorox Company to talk about my favorite time-saving, multi-tasking tip(s) as part of the If Mom Had Three Minutes program.

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