A Mother’s Day Gift From Rosie’s Place That Has Heart And Offers Hope!

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I am probably the least likely to go gaga over jewelry. In fact I am seriously the girl who would live in jeans and wear no jewelry on an average day. But, yet I do own some fabulous jewelry and I tend to wear those I love because of some sentimental reason. Like the 2 bangles I never take off (well except each time I have to go through security at the airport) which my husband bought me for my 1st Mother’s Day. He is not the splurging guy so I knew purchasing the 22Karat gold bangles were his idea of an “investment” and even then he chose a simple design because he knows me so well. Another favorite is a plain black cord with a heart pendant from Haiti. I stroke the mental heart each time as it reminds me of the artisans in Haiti and the hope it holds.

It was why when the people over at Rosie’s Place asked if I would check their beautiful necklace out I said yes. Let me backtrack a bit, since many of you may not be from beantown and know the history behind Rosie’s Place. Since I have been in the volunteering scene for over a decade in Boston I have become well acquainted with several amazing organizations and Rosie’s Place has always been a place I have admired and respected.

About Rosie’s Place:

Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for poor and homeless women, offers emergency and long-term assistance to women who have nowhere else to turn. Founded in 1974, Rosie’s Place welcomes each guest with respect and unconditional love. Rosie’s Place accepts no government funds, and relies instead on committed volunteers and private supporters to accomplish its effective and innovative work.

Truth be told I could easily talk to you about the beautiful necklace being a fashion statement, because it is and had I been a fashion blogger I may feel more compelled to show you the amazing craftsmanship of the necklace with the attention to details. I could even go on about how versatile the necklace pieces are, there are 4 ways to wear it, but the beauty of this piece extends far beyond the beauty of its design. I have worked with items from Haiti and Rwanda and I know when I touch them, a part of me is touched. That is exactly how I feel every time I stroke the necklace.

 What makes this necklace so special?

It is crafted by the The Women’s Craft Cooperative of Rosie’s Place. Now you are wondering what is The Women’s Craft Cooperative?

Through introducing women to craft skills and the basics of merchandising, the cooperative aims to foster self-esteem and creativity, along with employable skills, a greater earning potential, and a source of income to the artisans.

Now tell me that does not make you warm and fuzzy all over? I thought so. Of course the fact that if the incredible beauty of the necklace does not bowl you over, then maybe the fact that you get change to any 1 of the 4 styles easily with their  amazing method of connecting (or disconnecting) the strands without becoming cross-eyed or needing someone’s assistance (personally a pet peeve with some jewelry). Now if you want finer details about the jewelry, here it is:

This year’s exclusive necklace features four unique looks in one. The necklace is comprised of a luminous collection of freshwater cultured pearls in antique copper and green potato pearls strung with Swarovski pacific opal, smoky topaz bi-cone, and glazed aurora borealis Czech glass beads.

Now I don’t know about you but I can’t imagine a more perfect gift for Mother’s day, (even if that special mom is you – you deserve it) and this truly is a gift that will continue to give. I would love for you to consider this as a gift, Mother’s day and beyond. You will notice that there will be no other product I will be featuring for Mother’s Day other than this. So go on order it, looking good can also mean you can do good.

Disclosure: The folks over at Rosie’s place did send me the necklace and I have to admit that it is something I treasure close to my heart.

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