Peppa Pig, The Sweet Kid Show That Delivers Squeals Of Laughter!

REVIEWS, REVIEWS & CONTESTS | | April 12, 2012 at 6:31 pm

When I was asked if I would take a look at the new DVD Peppa Pig, along with some licensed toys, I already was familiar with the show. True, I had not watched it on tv (yet), but I am a huge fan of Kidtoons movies and I was pining after the Peppa Pig movie since it happens to be the show of April. My daughter who turned 5 this month will be celebrating the movie with her classmates at the movies watching this show, and before you get weird “wow, Mommy Niri is rich, she takes the class to the movies” thoughts, maybe I better remind you the shows are $3.50 for adults and kids.

Of course I am that mommy who will “youtube” a movie to see what I can find. I dislike surprises as many shows that are touted as “kid-friendly” are laced with adult humor. Truthfully knowing Peppa Pig originated out of England made me biased to liking it since we are huge fans of the other shows from there (like Charlie and Lola) and I was correct. We totally fell in love with the simplistic and sweet characters.

The fact that the English is impeccable is laudable at a stage when kids are picking up grammar and vocabulary. Of course you can have a show that totally passes the parent test but the kid-test may be something else. When I heard my newly minted 5 year old girl giggle crazily I knew that Peppa Pig would be a household favorite. Trying to make sure I satisfy both girls, the older one turns 7 soon, is sometimes not s easy despite their closeness in age. I was worried Peppa Pig may be deemed too young by the older kid but those concerns were unfounded as she joined in the rapture too. I guess I will bathe in the innocence of shows for as long as I can.

I obviously missed that Nick Jr has been airing this show, a mistake I am sure to rectify. So this weekend, armed with a bunch of 5 year olds, we are going to expose them to Peppa Pig and George and the rest of the family. My favorite thing about this family, except for their intermittent oinks, is that mom and dad are so into getting silly like the kids. Go check it out, on the big screen, small screen or DVD.


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