My 1000th Post!

MY VIEWS | | April 12, 2012 at 8:30 am

I cannot believe this is my 1000th. No, seriously! I would never have believed that if my WordPress dashboard did not say so but this has made me take a step back and realize that 4 years ago I started on just journaling to not get crazy transitioning from being a software engineer to being with little people.

I write this post from The Children’s Hospital in Boston as I await testing for my daughter, which in retrospect is pretty apt, since that kind of describes my life for the past few years. I feel like I have swimming with the tide with whatever is needed to be done for my children, never balking at the time or cost (and yes the both are high and taxing) but swimming against when I felt like we could do more. Education, in everything, has helped me deal with so much from from latest therapies to healthy diets for them and I am pretty upfront with my kids about it in a way they can digest. Their knowledge is power for them too.

Does this post seem like rambling to you? It feels like that to me and this is why I needed a blog, to be me – with no judgement. My outlet to feel a place I can control things, well somewhat. I never expected it to take the roller-coaster ride it did, and oddly enough to reach the success it did. I am speaking at 5 conferences this year and am traveling extensively but I balance my time away with being there for my kids. If it means making my trips shorter, or taking a red-eye flight it is worth it for me to keep my feet in both the worlds. How fortunate it is to be part of a career that not only accepts my role as a mom but embraces it, wait no – it celebrates it.

I dabbled on heading to a 9-5 job, I must admit the money made while I was a software engineer (I just heard a poll on CNN that deemed it the #1 best job?? Not sure it was a deserved position) but I do know being present for my kids was important to me. Especially being there for my special needs child, and I do credit that a bit for some of the improvements she is making.

I do believe the next 1000 posts will move in a different way, especially if all this testing goes in a way I hope and pray (ok, yes I do that on occasion). I hope to use this position of being an online-influencer to make more changes in the lives of others, and my own. Stay tuned for some major announcements but for now I will await my own news from the Children’s Hospital.

Thank you for reading and for sticking around with me. I promise the next round is bound to be much more exciting.


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