Easter Treats At Trader Joe’s Supermarket!

MY VIEWS | | April 3, 2012 at 11:50 am

While  Easter is not really a religious holiday for me, it is a time I have grown up celebrating. It was the only time we would get marshmallow eggs, and hot cross buns (not those ones with frosting they have here – which reminds me I should make some). We did not really do all those real egg decorating, I could not imagine cooking so many eggs at one time and we would never dream of throwing away the contents of the egg – what a waste that would have been. My favorite part was the long weekend, as we had a friday off for Good Friday and the Monday off for Ascension Day, yeah not much separation of State and religion in South Africa.

Anyway a year ago a friend invited us over for a birthday around this time and had some Easter candy from the UK. I was pretty excited because that meant candy with natural colors, wish all countries would ban those artificial dyes. So I wanted to make sure that this year I wanted to give a shout out to seasonal products that don’t use artificial colors, letting parents know they do have a choice. One such store that, as a policy, does not have items with artificial colors is Trader Joe’s supermarket. To say that I get inspired to eat there is an understatement, they make me feel good about what I eat. You can read this post about a few favorite finds at Trader Joe’s supermarket.

So I spied some fabulous Easter inspired treats at Trader Joe’s, and in fairness some are not only available during Easter but they seemed festive enough for me. What have you spied recently at Trader Joe’s supermarket?

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I heart Trader Joe’s and these are actual product we purchase, regularly!





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