Blending Wines In Napa!

NEWS | | April 3, 2012 at 11:19 am

For making wine, I have always had this romantic notion of grape stomping, a view obviously ingrained in my mind by the countless of movies I have watched. Blending wines, though, was something that never crossed my mind that it happens so I was pretty intrigued when we had to blend our own at Conn Creek Winery. This was one of the highlights for me at the Wine Sisterhood gathering It was pretty hard to convince myself to head inside when the location was so beautiful outside, so when I did go in I was surprised to see a room full of several huge barrels.


As we sat down we learned about the different taste of each of the wines in each barrel and as alike as they looked how much they differed in taste. We were urged to make the perfect glass of wine, and no there was no right or wrong answer, since our own pallet was the judge in this decision. There were spitting buckets all around and while we were urged to use them, and I understood why it was ok to spit, I personally could not bring myself to spit. I am that person, who when walking on a road, is utterly disgusted when I see anyone spit. While I would have not felt that way at a wine tasting, I could not get myself to do it, and seriously why would I waste good wine?

 Then we were given a container akin to a larger test tube which mad measurements on it for guidance. We were to make a perfect blend in the there and then pour it out in our wine glass. We also had to take notes so we just the perfection concoction to replicate later. So I poured, and tasted, and mixed and tasted, and I kept notes along the way. Sorta. After tasting 32 somewhat wines a girl can be forgiven for feeling somewhat light-headed. After I held, what I considered to be the perfect glass of wine I was feeling pretty proud. I loved the taste.

Then we were informed that we needed to scale up our new formula in a big beaker which would fill up a wine bottle. Ok, then, math after wine is so not a good idea as I learned. It was no surprise that I made extra and after filling the bottle, I again felt a shame to waste the extra so I did what a good wine citizen would do: I drank it. Next up was labeling the wine, and corking it. I am proud to that this girl handled some heavy machinery, ok ok so it was not heavy machinery, but it sure felt like it after all that wine.

 It was recommended that we wait a few months before opening that bottle and I have to tell you that I really can’t wait. I went to Napa, and I blended my own wine. It is not everyday a girl gets to say that.

 Disclosure: Thank you to The Wine Sisterhood for inviting me as a guest for the gathering.


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