The Fresh Diet! Yes, It Exists!

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I have tried several diets and my biggest beef with most, even those that work, is that the focus remains on calories and not freshness. Even if something is 0 or 20 calories but looks like a freeze-dried, processed rice cake. I have been trying to go a bit more natural in the food we eat so have been reluctant to try regular diets. When I was asked if I wanted to take The Fresh Diet for a test drive I was curious. Those 2 words “fresh” and “diet” are seldom used together and if you were skeptical with that combination, then I will confess that so was I. I took a quick peek at what it was and was stunned. Gourmet meals prepared and delivered daily to your home is something of a dream come true, yet that is exactly what The Fresh Diet is.

See what's on the menu!

Of course I am highly simplifying the diet as they actually do the calorie counting for you. I am still going to come back and tell you what it is like after a week on the program but here are some key points so far:

  • Simplicity to decide the menu: Seriously I am a procrastinator and if you tell me to sign up for something there is a pretty good chance it will take me forever. I actually delayed selecting my menu assuming this and was shocked at how easy it was. The selection choices were something that looked like a gourmet restaurant menu but somehow they keep a tally of what you choose. When you hit too many carb-heavy meals it gives you a warning. Of course a carb-lover like me ran into that. It also allowed me to realize how much I gravitated to carb loaded meals.
  • The freshness concept is really fresh: You can scream fresh all you want but if I do not see the food resemble what it started out as then I don’t trust you. Here there are blueberries, asparagus, squash etc right there in front of you, not minced into something undecipherable.
  • Fits the snacker in me: I could stay away from food but the snacks are my achilles heel. I could snack all day. In addition to sending 3 meals, you get 2 snacks as well. For those with a sweet tooth you can choose a dessert as one of the snacks.
  • It comes to me: The delivery service of this diet makes it a winner. I have zero excuses to opt for junk food since the food is there bright and early, and sometimes the night before.
  • Prep is snappy: Look I am a good cook and if I had to do a ton of prep then I might as well cook. It is why this option works with The Fresh Diet. Heating instructions are easy, microwaveable containers come with meal and the menu plan of the day spell them easily. Speaking of menu, it really makes me look forward to the entire day’s meals. What can I say, I am a foodie.

So come back in a week when I share with you my thoughts on the trial, but I have to say so far I am loving this fresh concept.

If you’re interested in trying out the Fresh Diet, you can try this special promotion:

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Fresh Diet. I also received a week’s supply of The Fresh Diet food to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own

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