The Day I Trended In Boston!

NEWS | | March 28, 2012 at 9:57 am

Blogging in Boston has been a lonely gig for a long time and I have always been a trite (understatement of the year) jealous of my New York buddies. The community of bloggers seemed scattered and sparse and brands did not seem to know we existed. Which is why when a local blogging conference is held I consider it important to be a part of it. You can scream at the top of your lungs that you support fellow bloggers and want to get brand attention at bloggers but if you don’t attend a local one held it does not sound in line with that mission.

It was why last year when Bloggy Boot Camp was here, I made it my point to attend (I actually spoke at that conference too as the closing keynote on Social Media For Social Good) and then when Alana told me she was doing a local conference Blog Better Boston, I knew I had to be there, the fact that I got to speak at it was icing on the cake. I have known Alana for several years and I thought it was brave for her to undertake this and while I did assume stuff may be a bit basic for what I was looking for next in my career I did feel very strongly that it was important to support her and Amy on the new venture. There needs to be several of these to bring the community together and the one thing I made sure at both these conferences to visit the sponsors, my way of thanking them for bringing it to Boston.

Since hubby was speaking on analytics too we had to make arrangements for the kids and seeing how I am paranoid especially with my special needs kid I decided to head t the conference later while I settled them with a friend. Ramesh spoke in the morning and again at the same time as me (so we could not really see each other’s session).

The conference held a much different vibe to the ones I normally attend, the crowd was younger and it felt more fashion focused rather than the¬†entrepreneurial vibe but one thing was common: the thrill to be amongst fellow bloggers all wanting to learn. I was a bit skeptical whether anything I said would be relevant since I know the label “mommy blogger” has a certain sting to it (that said I hate that term – just call me a blogger and be done with it). ¬†I guess someone must have felt I was saying something worthy coz I trended in Boston, yeah me!

Anyway, I never prepare to speak at conferences because I feel you should be breathing the stuff if you are asked to speak. I also despise when speakers spend their time rattling resumes. I left my 2 kids an hour away to speak her so I know that the people who attend, in addition to forking out money, gave up things in their day to be here. They deserve to learn and their time respected. Which is why I infuse my speaking with humor (anyone who has fallen asleep at someone speaking – either through boredom or a speaker speaking so softly no-one can hear will appreciate that) and (brutal) honesty.

When I spoke at BlogHer with 2 of my best friends we disagreed on many things, but not on our respect for each other. We needed to show people it was ok to have different tactics in how we approach things and one size does not fit all. The crowd appreciated it and that always gave me the liberty to say it like it is. I also like making sure that attendees have tangible takeaways to implement themselves instead of just hearing our glory stories. Most of all, when I speak, I like to inspire you to believe in yourself. It why I always tout writing partnership letters, not sponsorship letters.

For the short time I was there I had a fabulous time meeting several amazing people and huge kudos go out to Alana and Amy for a very successful Blog Better Boston conference


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    vanita says:

    i really need to crawl out of my shell and go to one of these conferences. just to soak it all up and meet local bloggers. i know maybe two. I haven’t come across one nyc blogging group that is still active. whether i found them on linkedin or facebook, i always seem to join when the posts are 6 months old.
    Sounds like you had a fab time girl!

  2. 2
    PragmaticMom says:

    I signed for Blog Better Boston but was sorry to miss it. The kids schedules were too crazy that day.

  3. 3

    I’m sad I missed your panel, but I did attend your husband’s analytics session and learned a lot. Are you speaking at BlogHer ’12…my sister and I are thinking about going.


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    Krista says:

    Too cool that you trended – jealous! It was seriously an honor to meet you and get to chat, you are TOO cool and I love what you and your husband are doing. I’ll be reading and tweeting you…keep in touch lady!

  5. 5

    So you still owe me that in person hug! One of these days :) I loved hearing you speak, you are just as witty and well spoken in person as you are online. You gave me big boots to fill for my panel!

  6. 6

    Congrats, friend! I am sure that you were amazing.

  7. 7
    Amy says:

    Loved getting the chance to meet you – wish we had more time to chat! The feedback we received your panel was incredible. Love that you trended too!

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