Postcards From Buster: New Adventures in India (VIDEO)

NEWS | | March 29, 2012 at 11:21 am

I honestly feel very fortunate to live not too far away from PBS station office and being a natural fan I seriously could visit everyday. There is something about being there that makes the geek in me feel proud that Boston is home to such a wonderful treasure. This may also be why I am also proud to be a PBS Kids VIP ambassador.

Recently, well not too recently to be honest – let’s just say the calendar is kind of packed, I went in to the meet the lovely folks at PBS to talk about Buster. Buster, if you don’t know, is a kid’s show that was a spin-off from the popular, and equally lovable, show Arthur on PBS Kids. Postcards From Buster has visited several cities in USA and now has been exploring other countries too.

I spoke to Carol Greenwald, executive producer and producer Ann Kim, who actually went to India for the episode “Finding Family in Chennai”.  I really love that the blog complements the episode with several online activities like make chevda (a snack from India)

To watch the entire episode of Postcards from Buster (trip to India),  select the 2nd and 3rd options on right side for Buster’s Family Tree Nightmare and  Finding Family in Chennai.

If you are in the Boston area, it is screening this Saturday as well. Details below:

Postcards From Buster 

Finding Family in Chennai
Saturday Mar 31 at 8:30 AM

Below is a wonderful activity kit for this episode. Click on the image below to download the complete activity pack from Buster’s India trip, where he meets Nandan, Shruti and Amruta.


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