Pairing Wines In Napa!

NEWS | | March 26, 2012 at 11:52 am

I cannot look at a bottle of wine without thinking about Napa. I seriously can’t! Better yet, I enjoy my bottle of wine so much more now that I have been to Napa. Did I say “bottle”? I meant glass of wine, but truth be told I am somehow drinking a glass or two and actually loving it. The Wine Sisterhood gathering is definitely one event I plan on being at next year.

Pairing wines

I have loved hearing constantly from health fundis that red wine is good for the heart (don’t take my opinion for it, go ask your own doctor) but I somehow always never liked the taste in my mouth. Because I loved how I looked with that red wine in a glass, I did try it at every event but honestly never enjoyed it. So I was pretty keen to learn about pairing wines. I seriously did not expect to see drastic changes in taste. Was I wrong or what?

Food is broken down in 4 categories (FASS): Fat, Acid, Salty, Sweet

Wine is broken down in 5 categories (FAAST): Fruit. Alcohol, Acid, Sweet. Tannin

Tasting wine like a pro (4 s’s) :

  • See wine color. Color helps determine the lightness of taste.
  • Swirl wine. As it coasts the sides of the glass it opens up wine, releasing the aroma. I always saw this in movies and wondered why.
  • Smell 3 times so you can describe the wine which will help you think of which category it falls in).
  • Sip: You will find it will be sweet, salty, sour or bitter
I was pretty amazed that I could taste the same bitter wine after eating something fatty and it tasting drastically different. To me, I never of using using fatty food to mellow the taste of an acidy wine. I also loved how salty chips went with the bubbly wine. Never would have dreamed that that combination was so divine.
Before I went to the Wine Sisterhood gathering I would maybe sip 1/2 a glass of wine and honestly end up with a headache the next day. By day 2 of the gathering I was having 3 glasses of wine during lunch and no headache in sight. I actually started loving my wine.

The amazing Thirsty Girl, who did the wine pairing with us, helped me see how pairing food brings out a different taste in wine. Check out this video from her blog with more details:

Disclosure: Thank you to The Wine Sisterhood for inviting me as a guest for the gathering.

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