Napa, And I!

NEWS | | March 11, 2012 at 10:00 pm

One day I was asked if I was interested to attend a trip to Napa with the Wine Sisterhood. I thought it was a ridiculous question. Does anyone say no to such an invitation? I sure wouldn’t! There has been a lot of craziness in my calendar which has meant that I have been looking super carefully at opportunities to see whether they make sense. That also means while I love meeting my blogging buddies, I have no regret when I see tweets and updates from my peers at media events and conferences. My 1st grader’s concert was scheduled (which later got postponed) on the last day  of the trip but I opted for a red-eye back to be there for her but no way was I canceling the trip.

The Oscar’s party!

To me a Napa trip to explore wine was a pure bucket-list worthy item. Not sure if it had something to do with the fact that I first heard of Napa on my favorite show Sex And The City (remember when Big was there?) or the fact that the trip was organized by Wine Sisterhood, I already had visions of pure bliss in mind. Pssst, here’s a secret, at that point, while I loved the concept of me enjoying my wine, I was struggling to find the right mix.

The food

 So bags packed I started the 1st night at the Oscar’s Party. Look, for the past few years I have been spending Oscar night putting kids in bed and maybe grabbing a glimpse or 2 of the night. Sitting with fellow girlfriends, all with our accompanying social media tools, eating amazing food and sipping a “dirty blondie”set the scene to what was going to be a fabulous event.

The place (inside and outside)

The next few days were filled with a mixture of learning how to pair wines (I will post more on this later), a hands-on session on blending wines (more on this later too), learning the art of labeling bottles, olive oil tastings and more. The sessions were a marriage of social media and winemaking; a perfect blend for me. As much as this trip was immersive I found myself actually relaxing. This was exactly what this mama needed.

The people (aka friends)

Disclosure: Thank you to The Wine Sisterhood for inviting me as a guest for the gathering.

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