Movie Review: The Lorax 3D. Go Watch It!

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I am going to sidestep the whole political debacle about this movie (and if you don’t know about it, then count your blessings that you can watch it peacefully) but I will say that I disagree with all the objections. Never thought I would see the day where a movie focusing on taking care of the environment would be made to look anything but noble. Now that I got that off my chest, we can get on with the movie at hand. Dr Seuss is such a beloved part of literacy and memories and I love that The Lorax is being released on the birthday of Dr Seuss (March 2nd 2012).

Do you love Despicable Me? Yeah, so do we, which meant we were really eagerly this movie to be released. Truth be told my girls were not really into Dr Seuss growing up but that may be because I was never exposed much to his books either – which probably explains why I did not think about bringing it to their attention too. Being avid PBS people, when Cat in The Hat hit the small screen we were all enthralled. The learning was amazing and I personally loved the science lessons. ┬áSo of course the hype was built up with The Lorax. The fact that the movie was out in 3D meant it would be extra special.

The story tells the tale of a town built with a plasticky feel with nothing growing. A young boy has a crush on a girl whose dream is to see a real tree. Thankfully guys are ready to do almost anything to please a girl, and this little man is no exception. Under the watchful and warning eyes of those that control the town (read rich men who don’t care about the environment) he finds the story behind why there are no trees. The vibrant colors and passionate stories are peppered with the humor of the animals. Oh and the music? – totally catchy lyrics and fun to watch.

I would tell you more but I hate spoilers. Go watch it. Today!

Disclosure: We attended a screening of The Lorax!

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