Meeting Lily Collins, Discussing Eye-brows, Dancing And The Movie Mirror Mirror!

INTERVIEWS, NEWS | | March 20, 2012 at 12:00 pm

I will admit that I am not always in the know when it comes to actor’s names (especially newer ones) so I did not know Lily Collins, or so I thought. Upon resigning myself to just interviewing an actress from the movie Mirror Mirror, I found out that she acted in The Blind Side and then it clicked: I LOVED her role of the daughter of Sandra Bullock in the movie. It had just the essence of smart, innocence yet heart-felt role I expect to see in my own daughters (though my 4 year old may have to lose some of that sassiness soon) so I was now interested in learning about Lily.

After attending a screening the night before, we awoke to a morning of spa treatments (go read my post on that) before lunch and an interview session with Lily Collins.

So not sure if you all know this but Lily Collins is a journalist and actually has been doing that for several years which really makes me respect that. We spoke about her career as a journalist and also as an actor, considering we were bloggers we felt some kindred spirit with anyone who wrote.

On being a journalist…

 When The Blind Side happened.  I felt really fortunate be a part such a great project.  But, that’s not to say journalism is out of the picture, it is something I’ve always loved and I write every night.

My writing has been helpful – because my way of going about character traits, seeing people that I want to emulate in a character — is when I use my journalistic skills.

Knowing that she understands the value of education and was smart, I did not want to ask her tabloid-worthy questions. In fact since she interviewed several people I wished to know what question she would ask herself or wished someone asked her.

On being asked interview-worthy questions…

I love that you asked that, because that was always my angle.  “What makes you tick?  what’s the most important thing to you,” or like, “What from your childhood is the best memory,” you know, not necessarily the typical gossip, “Who are you dating?”

She also recalled being placed in an uncomfortable position once to ask someone about their exploits when she did not feel it was appropriate to do. This was while she was working as a correspondent for the Young Hollywood Awards , when she had won an award but was also the person doing interviews for the red carpet.

And not so interview-worthy questions…

The network I was working with wanted me to ask all my peers about this scandalous photo shoot that had just come out about someone our age.   I just felt strongly that we were in a positive environment — Why would I then talk badly about one of my peers and ask them what they thought about this situation?  It was not what I was there to do.  And the network said, “Well, then you’re not going to be doing this.”  I said, “All right, fine.  I don’t need to do it.”

Though admittedly I never got that one question answered, I love that she appreciated it and understood how demeaning the cheap questions were. Of course one of the questions burning on all of our lips was what was it like working with Julia Roberts.

Working with Julia Roberts…

The first scene I shot with Julia was where I’m yelling at her throne and she pulls my hair.  And the shot that they used, she really did pull my hair. When I leaned in and she pulled, it actually pulled some of my hair out.  But, it was like, “It’s okay.  It’s okay.”  In my head I’m going, “My first hair pull.  It’s okay.  It’s Julia Roberts.” “I’m going to maintain composure.  I’m not going to laugh because they’re not going to be able to cut.”  And they used that take.   Afterwards the moment they yelled cut, Julia was  apologizing and asking, “Are you okay?”  She’d be mean to me on camera, in character, and the moment they yelled cut, she’s back to being this mom who is so lovely and able to switch in and out.

Of course being moms we all wanted to know about Julia’s kids. We had heard they were on the set a lot and love seeing moms being moms.

Julia Roberts as a mom….

And her kids were on set were almost all the time with her.  And first and foremost on set, she was a mother.  And she didn’t want her kids seeing her being mean to me, because she didn’t want that to taint their vision of her.  Whatever it was, the most important thing is that she’s a mom.

Photo credit: Relativity Media

Seeing such a young talented lady of course we wanted to know her advice for other girls who see her as a role model. I never expected her to mention her eye-brows because personally I think we could be eye-brow sisters. Whenever I go to get them waxed or threaded I am always ” just neaten up please, don’t make them smaller”. Hers makes her incredibly beautiful and unique and I am really happy that she recognized that too.

Of course we were curious what was her favorite part. The costumes, story, fight scenes – there was plenty to choose from.

On dancing…

And at the end, we did the big dance number.  And I completely had found peace within myself as to my confidence and me as Snow but me as Lily as well.  And I was able to just let loose and sing this song in front of 300, 400 extras, and going crazy and loving life.  And it was all about believing in yourself.

And I truly felt that when I left there, I left this new young woman who felt like she had just accomplished something that singing a Bollywood number, sword fighting in these costumes, I never thought I’d be doing that. And the fact that people believed in me enough, like the dwarves believed in Snow, just push yourself, you have nothing to lose.

Those eye-brows…

When I was younger, when I moved from England to LA, it was this beachy look and everyone had thin eyebrows.  And it was blond and very different than where I’d come from in the countryside in England.

And so, I felt pretty self-conscious, because kids would comment about my eyebrows.  I tried plucking them myself, which was really bad.  But, then I started to be think, “You know what?  Actually, they’re kind of quirky and they’re different.”  And I idolized Audrey Hepburn and all these old movie stars who had that look, a very different look, but it was their own and no one was telling them to change it.  I mean, they were classic.

And I thought, “Well, there’s really no point.  That’s me.”

I could not have said that more perfectly myself, and Lily you now have an extra ardent fan here at Mommy Niri.

I will be posting the entire interview (there is a lot of amazing stuff there) over on my Mommy Niri Facebook page so make sure you follow there. Make sure you watch Mirror Mirror releasing March 30th 2012

Stay tuned for more posts on the movie Mirror Mirror

Disclosure: Expenses for the trip were covered by Relativity Media, no other compensation was made.

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