Manicures, Makeup and The Mirror Mirror Screening!

NEWS | | March 18, 2012 at 7:15 am

I had already planned a trip earlier in the week to Napa, CA and 2 trips from Boston to CA in a week would be ridiculous right? Except how could I turn down a trip to Santa Monica for a screening of Mirror Mirror, meeting with Lily Collins (more on that in a separate post) and some spa treatments? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I was never a princessy girl but it’s strange what having 2 little girls in your home can do to you. To say that I am excited about the launch of Mirror Mirror is an understatement.

The Spa treatments befitting a princess

We had a choice of 2 out of the 3 spa treatments hair, makeup and manicure. I opted out of hair since my hair is easy peasy to set. We were greeted with mimosas (I do believe every morning should start that way) and lounged around on comfy chairs outside while waiting for out appointment times. While enjoying the view of our friends getting beautified, if we happen to to get a bit chilly (not me, I come from Boston remember?) then we had special heaters placed by us that were not only functional but elegant too.


For the nails I chose a reflective mirror type nail polish that I had just seen on Julia Roberts in the Mirror Mirror screening I had seen the previous night (oh, I am coming to the details). Way cool I tell you and though I realistically knew it could not last long because of my dishwashing duties, I felt it would be worth it while it lasted. Makeup is always an awkward thing for me as I am a minimalistic type of person, so needless to say it took some getting used to. While everyone ahhed and oohed I finally felt comfortable with it. Yeah a beauty splurge is totally what this (and I suspect any) mama needs.


The screening of the movie Mirror Mirror

Yeah, I am not putting this in chronological order since this happened the night before the spa treatments but I have been trying to figure out how to tell you about the movie but not say anything to spoil it. Most people complain that trailers these days give you all the good stuff so watching the movie is useless, me I personally am a huge movie lover so I will always watch the movie no matter what. In Mirror Mirror while you will find the story you will expect from its namesake, you will be (pleasantly) surprised by the adaptation. I can safely say that my children (they have not seen it yet) and I will both enjoy it but for very different reasons and very different angles.

I love that there are no rude innuendos (and wish movies touted as family entertainment would quit doing that) and the movie allows you to step beyond your imagination to see things from a fresh, and sometimes scary (only slightly – I have no fear my 4 year old can handle it) view. Being a Julia Roberts fan I obviously had some high expectations from the movie and am glad to say that she exceeded them. Humor does become her!

Lily Collins was a breath of fresh air (but see a separate post on my meeting with her and yes you can hate me for it) and the costumes were unforgettable. I want to talk more on this but I will wait for the movie to be released so we can share it together (chat on twitter with hashtag #mirrormirror or on the Facebook page). Armie Hammer, who I had no idea about, was seriously sexy. I know I know, that sounds sexist but go see the movie and tell me you disagree!

Stay tuned for more posts on the movie Mirror Mirror

Disclosure: Expenses for the trip were covered by Relativity Media, no other compensation was made.

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