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From time to time I come across products that need a shout-out. Whether they have been brought to my attention by a pitch I received or something that caught my eye, they each have worked in some way for me. These are the latest that I am trying, and loving.

Barilla Piccolini Pasta

I have one daughter who could eat mac ‘n cheese everyday (we love Annie’s and Trader Joes brands) and the other who used to and then decided one day they were ewww. Still struggling to get her t eat that, I decided to use plain pasta since she does not like like sauces (the whole sensory of messy stuff). Needless to say making 2 meals are not an exciting option for me so I decided to try the Barilla Piccolini pasta which has veggies infused in them. My kids love most veggies but a little extra can’t hurt. Plus, there is spinach in some which they are not keen on, so at least that gets into them. I love that the pasta has a serving of veggies in each serving and that they cook to perfection each time.

Fage Greek Yogurt

Pronounced “fa-yeh” as I have been told! I have no idea what makes this yogurt so amazing but something is there. Whether it is the texture or the fact that the fruit that is on the side is the non-traditional types in the USA but not so from the tropical place I grew up in. Fruits like pomegranate, mango etc make for an interesting snack and weirdly enough I actually find the protein in it satisfy my night cravings when I am working or watching tv (or doing both which is more common). This is the one snack that is a firm favorite of both hubby and I and it works with my current hope to eat healthy. The only thing that makes it tough it the really expensive price at almost $2 a container, so we normally purchase them when on sale and consider them our treat.

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt for kids!

What I love about Stonyfield is that they are organic and by being organic I can already trust they have good stuff in them without having to read every ingredient all the time (which I do for most everything). Also I have met the founder and love what they do for the environment and their firm belief in what they feed our children. Getting my kids to try Greek yogurt has been tough since if I did manage to get past the kid with sensory issues (she does not like the messy texture) then it is too tangy for the other kid.

Which is why I heart the recently launched called YoKids Greek yogurt, this is how they are described:

With 6 grams of protein and an excellent source of calcium made with low-fat organic milk, YoKids Greek is perfect for meal or snack time. And, as the only organic Greek yogurt available for kids, YoKids Greek provides families a quality product produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically engineered ingredients, or artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

I just love that they are absolutely delicious and will confess that at the Life Is Good festival I had a few of them to keep cool. My favorite thing is that they have these in drinkable format so my kiddo with sensory stuff going on, can also enjoy it. We are a huge fan of probiotics in our family and even my kids enjoy having their “good bugs” as they understand it keeps them healthy. I like to make sure that anything dairy is organic and we make yogurts a part of our weekly routine.

Stonyfield has also announced its collaboration with the recent 3D CG featureDr. Seuss’ The Lorax (if you have not yet seen check out my review of The Lorax) and we are huge fans of the environmental message . A Lorax-themed game, coupons, and a sweepstakes are now featured on the new YoKids website at www.yokidsyogurt.com.

Laughing Cow Cheese

This cheese would be dangerous to keep in the home, except they are healthy and at 35 calories you can afford the indulgence even with the few calories you have to bank on in a day. The fact that it is dairy means it is good for you too. Some people are sweet snackers, me I am a savory snacker. I normally eat them plain but when the kind folks sent me a few products to try out a pasta dish it was all I could do and wait with those sitting in the fridge. After snacking on a few wedges as is, oh yes I did, I decided to try something else. I used whole-grain bread, put a thin layer of tomato sauce, on the other I spread one wedge of The Laughing Cow cheese, then I put them in a panini style toaster. Yum, I tell you!

Kelloggs Special K cereal

I am not a cold breakfast kinda girl, that said I love Special K for their tasty selection of cereals. Sure I am now an ambassador for Kelloggs but that was an easy choice considering I was already in love with my Special K brand. Oh, and I so intend to drop a jean size or more along the way. Love a cereal that actually keeps me feeling full and for now I am digging the Vanilla Almond flavor.

Disclosure: Stonyfield sent me a few coupons to test out their kid’s Greek yogurt along with coupons to see The Lorax. The Laughing Cow company sent me a sample of their product along with a few other products to inspire ideas for a meal. I am a brand ambassador for Kelloggs for 2012 but I bought my own Special K. The rest of the products I purchased.

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