Ready To Whip Out Those Summer Sandals?

REVIEWS | | February 20, 2012 at 4:39 pm

I am a flip flop girl. I don’t do formal pretty shoes well. I finally have a pair of clogs I heart, a pair of sneakers I could live in and a pair of boots that don’t kill me. Sandals are relegated to the flip flop kind. Not really fancy but I have toyed with the idea of having “fancier” flip-flops but inevitably they are flip flops people and though I can’t do those pencil point high heel shoes, those flat shoes are so not flattering on my 5’0 frame. So when I got the opportunity to check out the new Earth sandals, I bit my tongue and agreed.

They looked comfortable and the heel was more wedge like so prayed my (lack of) balance would not suffer too much on it. I remember getting them and for some reason thought how cute and small they looked and then worried if it would fit me. I had my sisters from South Africa on Skype as I did all of this and when I tried it on it felt…. tight! My sisters (man I miss them) told me to take off my socks, yes I was wearing them as I was wearing my sneakers earlier and yes I am a lazy dresser at times.

Lo and behold as I tried them on they fit. My feet looked smaller (no seriously I mean it) and because of the elastic like fit I felt confident that these shoes would move with me. Right about then I expect the “pinchy” feeling from the sole to come in and not only did it not but I was amazed by the level of softness. The wedge heel was definitely a smart choice, because even though they took some getting used to, looking taller was worth it.

Thankfully I don’t need to wait for summer skies in Boston to don these (though at the rate of this Winter it may come sooner than expected), as I head to CA for the next 2 weeks. Jealous much? I meant for the shoes, though if you knew one of those trips were to Napa you are free to covert both!

Now off you go to scour Earth Footwear site for your favorite pair and while you are there don’t forget to enter their amazing Spa Sweepstakes.


Disclosure: I was compensated by Global Influence as part of a Bookieboo LLC campaign with Earth Footwear


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