Want Some Privacy On Your iPad?

REVIEWS, REVIEWS & CONTESTS | | January 22, 2012 at 7:28 pm

I was at a friend’s place a few months ago when I saw her walking around with a tinted film. On asking her what that was, she said it was for privacy for her laptop. I was still wrapping my head around it and could not grasp what she meant by privacy. I had done my thesis in college on software security so all I could think of when someone say’s privacy is encryption and so forth. It was a good thing she got up and actually showed me how it worked.

She slid it in front and I figured nothing had changed since I could still see everything, albeit a tinge darker, then she turned the laptop to be on the side of me and I realized I could not see the screen. I realized what a boon this could be on planes when you really wanted some privacy working or watching something. When the kind folks over at 3M asked me to check out the version for the iPad I decided to test drive it (for over the holiday period) and realized what an asset this could be for a blogger.

True, for everyday use with the kids I need it to be seen from all angles for them to watch shows etc, but come the next conference or media event and that added privacy would help me feel better. Not that I am working on great espionage stuff but emails and engagements are still considered stuff we would rather keep to ourselves until we are ready to announce it publicly. The iPad version worked similarly except it was closer to a cling-on but slightly stickier.

Disclosure: an iPad privacy protector was provided for review purposes.


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