Tell AbleBanking Who’s Your Favorite Charity And They May Win $1000!

NEWS | | January 17, 2012 at 8:32 pm

You know me, I don’t do contests so there must be a darn good reason to be excited about sharing with you about something new, a contest by a bank. A bank. Before you go “oh, come on Mommy Niri, who gets excited about a bank?” on me, let me tell you about ableBanking. In an age where I feel pretty blase about the banks in this economy it would have been almost impossible to find something I actually liked about a bank. Almost!

AbleBanking has one trait that makes it unique from other banks, they support charities. Charities actually chosen by you. Here’s what they have to say:

ableBanking, an online-only bank, just for savings, is being designed to be better for consumers – and for the charities they care about too.  So our customers will get much better rates, and no fees. But since we’ll be building our brand online, we’re going to pass our advertising dollars on to our customers – to give to any nonprofit you choose. This is something else that other companies don’t do. YOU get to choose where our money goes. No strings attached. As long as it’s a qualified 501c3 – we’ll send the money to the charity you designate.

Now you know my love for anything philanthropic, so I was pretty psyched to hear about this bank opening soon. You read that right, “opening soon”, so this news is fresh off the press to you. In fact you can sign up just so they can let you know when they open, but no strings attached as you can unsubscribe anytime.

But here is where the news gets way better, to celebrate the opening they are having a fabulous contest. Go nominate your charity of choice, big or small as long as it is a 501c3, you are good to go.  The top 5 nominated charities get $1,000 each. You may be wondering how much that feels like to a charity and truth is while that would have been appreciated before, with all the cutbacks recently this will be highly treasured now. Every bit helps and something as simple as a few keyboard strokes may send some money to some deserving organization.

ableBanking has partnered with 6 local organizations (Rosie’s Place, Greater Boston Food Bank, MSPC-Angell, Teach for America, JVS Boston, and Boston Children’s Chorus) and you can see their stories here.The tough choice for me was choosing just one organization but I think my heart goes with Autism Speaks, since I have a daughter with Autism. I am pretty sure you will be able to find something close to your heart. There’s so much help needed in the world that it can all feel overwhelming and at times we feel pretty helpless, but this is one time where we can try to make a difference somewhere. What are you waiting for? Go nominate now.

Disclosure: I am being compensated by ableBanking to help spread the word about their awesome bank. The pleasure to do it, is all mine!

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