Naartjie Kids: Clothes For The Fashionable Kid!

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We were returning from a friend’s place and as you would have it a kiddo needed to use the bathroom, yeah life is never dull with kids, so we decided to stop by a mall. While there I realized I had some coupons expiring so I decided to use them to get some new clothes for the girls. I was also looking to get something snazzy especially for my 4 year old who was in a bit of a funk from a diva in her class talking down to her (yeah, dealing with that too). So after I used up my coupons amplified by the amazing sales and scoring pretty big I was feeling pretty chaffed with myself.

I passed by a store called Naartjie Kids with bright looking children clothing and I saw “sale” and felt it call me inside. I fell totally in love with the bright and spunky styles and had money not been tighter I would have come out of that store with much more. I decided on a pair each for my girls of a flair bootcut pants. They were soft, almost leggings-like (but thicker) at the top which meant more comfortable being in them. The bottom was a mixture of frills and flare with a gemstone or two added on. Honestly I would wear those. ¬†They were $12 each (the sale price) and I am a huge proponent of buying fewer amazing pieces rather than several cheaper pieces (though admittedly I am better at this for my kids than I am for me).

While at the store my 6 year old asked me how to pronounce Naartjie and I tell her (narchee) and explain it is a fruit similar to a peach (her favorite). A store personnel seems surprised I know but I think nothing of it and look at my husband who says he has no idea what it means but I take that to just maybe mean he may know the Hindi name for the fruit. So off I get home and later when I look at the bag design I notice a pattern on it. It looks vaguely familiar but since the design was meshed in the entire design on the bag I had not noticed it before. It was the South African flag, sans the correct colors but the design was clear. Starting to feel it kismet, I ask my hubby clearly if he knew what a Naartjie was and he said no. I go online and lo and behold it is a company started in South Africa. Is that fate or what?

So verdict on Day 1 of using it from the 1st Grader? Compliments aplenty from friends and teachers. Oh, and I just got back on Day 2 from preschooler’s class and teacher mentioned how she loved her pants to me. Then I stopped by the pharmacy on an errand and an employee mentioned how much she loved the pants. A keeper, right? Mommy scores, twice!

Disclosure: I have not been compensated or provided anything from Naartjie Kids, I just love their clothing!

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