My Twinn Doll: A Doll Just Like You!

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The thing about being a person of color and of a minority is that the chances of you getting a doll that looks like you is pretty remote. Of course regular dolls don’t look like everyone else but chances are pretty great of getting it pretty similar. We feel the same way when we are in a store selling personalized things like water bottles etc. Chances of me finding my kids’ names is slim to none so when I was asked if I would like to review the My Twinn doll I said yes. Of course then I forgot about it until after the holidays.

So ordering the doll online was not exactly a typical purchase. I kind of expected hair, eye and skin color but nothing beyond. I was amazed by the level of profile details you could be specific about, like hair length, hair type, ears pierced etc. That was not all, you also needed to send in 3 pictures of your kid so that they could try and match the profile to be like your kid’s one. The score was after we ordered the doll (cost $149) we also got to order $30 worth of free stuff (we just had to pay the shipping) so I ordered a sari (Indian outfit) for the doll. My daughter chose a PJ set for her to come home in. Speaking of coming home, the doll came home in perfect packaging with none of those twisty wires etc, just a simple ribbon holding it still in the box.

┬áBesides the doll’s uncanny likeness of my beautiful daughter, there were a few other things that I loved. The body (tummy/torso) is totally soft so snuggly factor definitely scores some points there. The hair is beautiful but a tiny part of me regrets letting my daughter have a say in the length. Needless to say that she chose the longest length so now I have not just 2 girls to manage with crazy hair but it feels like I have an addition “kid”.

While admittedly the doll is expensive, it is an investment. I also love toys where you can add on so birthdays etc you can just buy something for the doll.

Disclosure: I was provided the doll for review!

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