Beauty And The Beast In 3D (Including Tangled Ever After)

REVIEWS, REVIEWS & CONTESTS | | January 23, 2012 at 7:19 pm

You know the story, at least you should. It is one of my most beloved tales from all the Disney characters. In fact my daughter spent a long time obsessed with Belle and I was ok with it considering Belle is probably one of the smartest and sassiest of the princesses. Plus I drew so many lessons from there for my kids: like not judging someone on their looks, reading, staying loyal to your family and several more.

I was so excited to get the invitation to a screening for a 3D version. Movies are pure fun for my family, we actually get to relax and my kids are really so well behaved at the movies. 3D movies are always extra special to my kids and I personally love seeing my kids reach out to actually try and touch the characters. First things first, we heard there would be a Tangled Ever After short before the movie. Rapunzel is another beloved in our home, especially since it has such a modern fresh touch. The short was hilarious and actually worth watching on its own, in fact it made me hungry for a new Tangled movie.

Once Beauty and The Beast started you could see the move from fresh bright colors to more traditional ones. I loved how the story remained intact but just brought some things to life with the 3D. The passion and drive seemed much more intense now that the characters had extra dimensions to it. Some movies are just meant to be watched as a family, Beauty and The Beast is one of them. Watching it in 3D is just icing on the cake.

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