And Their Ears Are Pierced…

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You would think this would be no big deal, except the crying bit would be a big deal for anyone, except we had none of that. Waoh, I guess I am jumping the gun and rambling here, so let me back up a bit. When we knew we were having a girl, all I could think of was dressing her (yeah generations of brainwashing with dolls in advertising kinda does that to a girl) and of course jewelry is a part of dressing up. Earrings became a discussion, of course it is really easy to go from diapers, to onesies to earrings. Hubby immediately said no tattoos or piercings.

Well tattoos I kinda thought was a stupid notion since why would I put one on a kid, on me maybe (yes I would like one and no I don’t have one) but piercings? I was aghast, I mean I come from an Indian background so earrings are so part and parcel of it.  I moaned about it but decided to save my energy for the big issues. Besides he kind of had a point (he thought it was rude to make piercings on their body without their permission) and it had so much heart in his argument that I let it go. Then a year ago my best friend’s mom was visiting from South Africa and bought the girls gold bracelets and earrings.

The groaning resurfaced and I began showing him my piercings in hope that he realized they would be fine. My pleas about how it is easier the younger they were (backed by absolutely no scientific evidence but only by me wanting to get my way) fell on deaf ears. I was not sure if it was because I let it go or  weak moment he relented saying they had to ask for it. So we went to Claires several times and instead of just showing her people getting their ears pierced, I swear he was scaring her about the procedure.  His claim, when I starting calling him out on that, was that “she had a right to know”.

I could almost shout “They are just 4 and 6″ and seriously felt that it was just too much drama. My 4 year old was ready and wanted it but we wanted them to do it together or not at all we did not listen to her. The 6 year old was not so sure, wanting to do it at times and not at other. I was sure she had partly succumbed to all her dad’s chatter. Then one day she came home and declared her classmate had one and now she wanted it. I could see that hubby thought he needed to try one last time so he asked the employee at Claires to describe the whole process to her, oh yes he did!

After all the back and forth she chickened out on the chair, but my 4 year old was still ready. The Claire’s employee thought it better to have the 6 year old go first, since if the 4 year old cried the 6 year old may never get the courage to do it. I wholeheartedly agreed. While I tried to coerce her he was adamant to let her be. Since my 6 year old normally demands more attention, in fairness most of is due to her Autism, we decided to just let the 4 year old have gloating rights and do it. So brave faced girl took it with no scream or cry, but I saw the lower lip quiver, and there was the making of a cry right there but somehow all the “ahhs” about how brave she was thrilled her silent and she gave a courageous smile.

Her sister was partially convinced but said she would come back the next day. We did not press the issue but said we would not return the next day but maybe in a couple of weeks. Before you could blink she ran back in the store and said she was ready. Another kid who got through with zero crying and I asked her about it. She replied “It was much better than I expected!” and while I said nothing aloud, I knew hubby heard it and that was enough for me – well that and the fact that I have 2 beautiful daughters sporting lovely earrings.


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    Angie Bailey says:

    They are very brave. I was around 10 or 11 when I got mine done and I was kind of a big chicken until I realized it wasn’t so bad too. : )

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    how exciting!!

    we did Shae’s when she was a couple months old and finally took them out and got her all new earrings for xmas. almost 4 1/2 and she has a jewelry box full of bling LOL

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    Vanita says:

    i did all of my girls ears when they were a few months old. always against my own wishes. always from pressure from grandparents and both husbands (the ex and present wonderful hubby) said they were staying out of it. Present hubby learned his lesson about backing me up against the family, when our youngest, at age two, took off her hard to open hoop earrings and swallowed both! i learned my lesson about being stronger about my choices while i spent 7 days searching through poop twice a day for those darn earring, which the doctors said were still whole and intact from looking at the x-rays. i still somehow missed them because 7 days later, after another set of x-rays, the earrings were no where to be found. Natasha’s ears will have to be pierced again when she’s old enough that we trust her not to swallow them.

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