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REVIEWS & CONTESTS | | December 3, 2011 at 10:38 am

So while writing my post (congratulations Julia for winning the $250) for the campaign with American Express they shared with me reward points to see if I could “shop” for friends and family on their Rewards site. Since it has been (several) years since I browsed reward catalogs I expected a small limited list of stuff, most useless and with ridiculous amounts of points needed. Well the joke was on me, because armed with with reward points not only was I able to “shop” for several items but things that would be highly useful and of quality I would not mind buying for myself.

I was floored by the kitchenware, everything from Le-Creuset to Kitchen-Aid to my favorite: dinnerware by Jamie Oliver. Elegant stuff that will be a treasure for me. If the technology choices won’t awe you, and they will especially the televisions amongst a huge list of electronics, then hop on over to the the gift card choices. While shopping choices rock, the huge selection of restaurants was my favorite section. Especially with PF Changs (would you believe my kids love it so much instead of saying cheese, we say “say PF Chang’s” to get a smile?), Cheesecake Factory and Legal Seafoods to name but a few, the choice would satisfy any taste.

I managed to find a wonderful Jamie Oliver dinner set, A Le-Creuset skillet, Jamie Oliver serving set, a giftcard to Cheesecake Factory and of course one to PF Chang’s Bistro. All this for way under 40K points. If you can hold out for the longer haul then the travel option may be worth your patience. I love all things events so was glad to see sections like entertainment (yes Fandango is there), because tell me you couldn’t use more movies in your life?  I am always keen to have ways to multitask and figure if I have to pay gas, groceries etc, I may as well score in the long run. Have you checked your rewards lately?

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with American Express.

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