Peter Pan 360 In Boston!

REVIEWS | | December 4, 2011 at 11:25 pm

When I was invited to the Peter Pan 360 show I said yes instantly for two reasons. One was, if the schedule is good, any event with my family is always something special and secondly we were already firm friends with Peter Pan. Well, honestly more like friends with Tinkerbell (dude that is what you get for girls in your home) so I really kinda hoped with Peter Pan Tinkerbell would be part and parcel of the package. Of course since my girls were avid fans of live shows I thought this would be perfect but the “360” portion of it did not really hit me. It was only much later as I mentioned I will be going to that show that many expressed excitement about it, in fact excitement so great I googled it. Then of course, because I really needed the nitty gritty I searched Youtube for a video on it.

360 Degree Panoramic Experience

Then my jaw dropped.I saw a makeshift tent sprout up. Wait, those are probably poor choice of words, sounds like it was haphazard, which it isn’t. In fact the special tent is clearly to house what I would call the most customized stage I have ever seen. Imagine sitting in a 360 degree panoramic theatre and having a stage in front of you that has stage furniture and props just disappear or rotate in the floor beneath? Then picture, if you will, actors “flying” on cables (can someone tell me how they are perfectly straight?) and performing the most amazing acrobatics. If that was not enough, then the panoramic ceiling is actually a screen with a stage backdrop that keeps moving.

Tinkbell & Peter Pan On Fancy Flight

If I sound like I am struggling with words (hubby would think a first) then it truly is because I am. Describing that I felt like I was moving with the characters as the scene changed each time and would move rapidly. My absolute favorite scene was with Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell and the rest of the kids flying to Neverland. I really felt like I was flying with them, an amazing experience I will never forget.

The actors were clearly talented and as a South African who misses the British style talking I felt right at home with it. Of course along with it came a few choice words that I would have preferred kids not hear. Speaking about things tough for a kid to digest some of the scenes, especially the fights or Tinkerbell’s (never thought of Tinker sporting a potty mouth, eh?) may be much overall but the sheer volume of the entertainment and the fact that it was really “360” provided suitable distraction, but who knows if I may hear some choiciest of ¬†words from my girls tomorrow.

We had an exhilarating time and were lucky that the fun was not over as the curtains came down (figuratively since there were no curtains). We were invited to a special media backstage tour. We got to meet a few characters and even Peter Pan and Wendy too. Being backstage gave me even more appreciation of the show, especially seeing how their props were made of everyday stuff like cloth pegs, hangers and colanders.

Boston City Hall

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Disclosure: I was provided tickets to the show for review purposes!



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