Humidity And The Flu Virus!

NEWS | | December 13, 2011 at 9:04 am

Last week I attended a media event sponsored by Vicks and while they had several interesting aspects the one that caught my attention.┬áDr. Meg Meeker shared some information and I was surprised to learn a few things. You wonder why surprised? Well I have taken many things docs say with a pinch of salt, as we are a family who are trying to decrease our dependency on drugs, chemicals and toxins. So while we may opt in when things get serious, we don’t make a habit of it. So while I disagreed about using antibacterials on a daily basis (we have been using regular soap for years) there were many other useful things I had learned.

Things like using a saline spray and then an aspirator type device to “suck” it out. She suggested skipping the ones for the nose since they were too broad at the end and going for the leaner ones to get right up to where the gunk was. There was talk of the new thermometer (behind the ear) – which I am really keen to check out. I also scoped out their humidifiers and fell in love with the one that shines stars ont the ceiling (what can I say, I am deep) but I am pretty darn sure my kids will make me regret that choice.

The thing that caught mu attention though was this little humidity meter to check the level of humidity in the home or more likely room. Nothing too new, right? Well it floored me to to see the correlation between humidity and the flu virus. I took for granted that being sick was part and parcel of being indoors with many germy people. Well that may be true but I never thought that a specific humidity level is conducive to the flu virus. I was just shocked. So I unwrapped that little gadget, as fast as my kitchen scissors could rip the plastic off and kicked it off. It says 40 + is good, with 60+ slightly humid but good if you already have a cold and below 40 is “play time for the virus”. Then I wanted to cry when I saw that mine flip flopped between 30-40 %.

Going to take care of those humidity issues right now, well after I take both kids to the doctor.

Disclosure: Vicks hosted a media session and provided these items to us.

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