Crocs, Not Just A Summer Shoes!

REVIEWS | | December 5, 2011 at 9:10 am

I can just see our face, wondering what the heck is Mommy Niri doing talking about Crocs when the temperatures are dropping faster than your kid takes to mess her white shirt. Well I thought so too, after all I seriously get visions of balmy weather, walking on the shore with sand getting my shoes, and rinsing them easily with the mere mention of Crocs. All of this was until I got an email from the folks at Crocs who showed me how many shoes they had for winter.

Looking at the shoes and boots it was clear these were not the Crocs I was used to. Gone was the “holes”, all plugged away to protect from the cold and replaced by layers inside to keep warm. I assume that it coming from Crocs would mean that it would retain my favorite trait of them, no not the washability. I am sure these kind of shoes you would not want to just toss under a faucet as there is more porous materials used. The aspect I speak of is the lightness of the shoes. With Crocs normally being so wonderfully light I am hoping that they have that with Winter boots, which are normally ridiculously heavy.

Sadly I did not take them for a test run, but only because I spied a pair of men’s loafers that I wanted to check out. Hubby is the last in the home to not have been a Crocs convert and I really wanted to see him try them. He is basically a sneaker, sandals or formal shoe kinda guy. While in Summer he would quickly don his sandals for the quick errand and has been known to do that even in Winter (yikes). So he reluctantly tried the shoes. Not only are they amazing easy to slip on, but it is lined with lovely wool to keep the toes cozy. The outside is a material that could easily get dirty and I do think it would take some effort trying to clean should something spill, so thankfully we have them in black. Of course they are extremely light which is another winner. The verdict: the shoes are actually getting used. Score!

 Disclosure: I was provided a pair to review!

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