A Fashion Playtes Fashion Show!

NEWS | | December 14, 2011 at 7:28 am

Being invited to a media event at Fashion Playtes would have been fun on its own but being invited there with your girls is like adding another scoop to the cone. Considering their site to design clothes for girls, it was like kismet for me with 2 daughters. So while I would have liked to offer some input on the design my girls created before the event but I follow the adage of it being theirs so let them design it. This was something that rattled a few moms of in the early days when my kids created “crazy art” and everyone else’s mama “helped” their kids. I like it truly being their own work, which is what I really like about Fashion Playtes concept. The involvement of kids to be part of the process rather than just the finished product is quite empowering.

So off I trudged with my girls in tow, straight from another event – which meant we had practical shoes (aka ugly shoes – note to self I need to buy them shoes). I honestly expected a “here are your clothes, let’s take some pictures and bye-bye” kind of event. I was totally surprised to see that kids were received with a “backstage pass” and they had to go through each station. There were stations for makeup, hair, dress up, accessories, interviews and photo-shoot. Of course it all had to end in a fashion show with them each being handed a little reward as they were done. No-one fell off the stairs so that already was a major accomplishment.

Of course in between running out to either take pictures of the kids or making sure they were not ripping to shreds the Fashion Playtes head office we were settled in a meeting with the team members of Fashion Playtes. Learning about their passion and allowing us to provide feedback made for a healthy session. What a perfectly fun day with my girls.

Disclosure: Fashion Playtes provided us with giftcodes to purchase an outfit!

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