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Congratulations Erika (myTouch®) and Sheena (myTouch® Q)

Smartphones! Not sure I lived before them. I thought I was managing just fine before until smartphones entered my life and then when they entered I wondered how I managed before. It was like we thought we were doing fine before we had a GPS, scratch that, hubby thought we were doing fine and I bought it. Now we drive, argument free, and actually find our destination. Armed with my smartphone I feel I can tackle anything.

In fact a month ago I was driving with my entire family to DC where I was going to speak at the Blogalicious conference we had a tire blowout, at night on the interstate in Connecticut. Seeing as our minivan had run-flat tires meant we carried no spare tires. The good part of run-flat tires is that they are drastically safer. Anyway armed with a smartphone, I renewed my AAA, then booked a service call to tow my car. I also called a taxi to transport my family and then searched on my phone for closest hotel and made a booking. I also managed to entertain my 2 tired little girls.

To say that my smartphone is a huge part of my life is an understatement, in fact I still recall saying goodbye to my old non-smartphone. Also the memory of me forgetting my smartphone on the train is fresh for me so I am constantly making sure it goes with me everywhere. Anyway, I am partnering with T-Mobile to host a local blogger event and have also decided to sponsor this lovely giveaway on my blog. Not one, but two readers will walk away winners.

Would you like to win either the T-Mobile® myTouch® or the T-Mobile® myTouch® Q (valued $279 each)?

Here’s the deets on each:

The myTouch and myTouch Q are designed with a number of features that make them approachable, including the option of two different styles of hardware to suit customer needs: the myTouch touts a 3.8-inch touch screen and a virtual keyboard with Swype®, while the myTouch Q is equipped with a 3.5-inch touch screen plus a physical slide-out full QWERTY keyboard. myTouch and myTouch Q are equipped with advanced multimedia features, including a 5-megapixel camera and 720p HD video recorder for capturing photos and videos while on the go. The myTouch also includes a front-facing camera with access to T-Mobile Video Chat powered by QikŒ for faceto-face video chat. With access to T-0RELOH¶V4G network*, the myTouch and myTouch Q allow customers to browse the Web, access email and social networking services, download free and paid applications through Android MarketŒ, and much more. Both devices also offer built-in entertainment applications, including T-Mobile® TV and YouTube® for real-time mobile video streaming and on-demand TV.

How fabulous are those 2 prizes? . To win tell me What is the biggest question you have when it comes to buying a wireless product as a gift?  The first winner will win the myTouch® and the second winner will win the myTouch® Q. Winner chosen by Giveaways open to  US residents only.

Please DO NOT leave your email address within the comment!!! Contest closes on December 6th 2011.

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Disclosure: This post is part of a partnership with T-Mobile who has also sponsored this giveaway.

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