The Muppets Movie: My Thoughts And A Giveaway for You!

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Congratulations Kim Kelly and Sharon!

Ok, going to fess up here: while I grew up with The Muppets in my backdrop I was never a huge fan. I did not dislike them but I was never a huge fan. There I said it, let the stone pelting begin. Having said that I was really excited to watch the movie. Why you wonder? Well one of my biggest loves is movies and getting to be at an event the entire family is enthralled in. More especially (and probably in a little biased way) I love how my 6 year old with Autism manages to sit wriggle free for the entire show (wonder if I could buy one of those seats for home?).

Knowing it was a Disney production I already knew it would be very entertaining for everyone and even without realizing it I felt a dejavu feeling. I felt homesick all at once (it also may have something to do with the fact that I have not been home in over 10 years) and got lost in my world of The Muppets. I wore a silly smile as I recalled character after after as they shared the screen. While my kids were loving the show, they looked weirdly at me as I grinned ear to ear while talking talking about Miss Piggy.  The marriage of puppetry and people was done to perfection as I totally forgot they were all not real.

The musical aspect thrilled me to bits as it fell in perfect harmony with the fact that I grew up on Bollywood musicals (it was really a crushing day for me when I found out that in real life we don’t just break out in song). Oh, I should give you a short summary right? Well in one line: Walter, who grows up with a “human” brother, decides to help The Muppets get back together again to save the theater from a rich oil Texan.  The simplicity of the show, which may seem slow to those of us caught up in a high paced world, was a welcome feature for me.

Ok, while I could not take you all with me I have something else for you. I have no pictures of the prize because I don’t have it myself but here is what is in the gift package: include sunglasses, stickers, a poster, pins and a book from the film. Oh, there will be 2 winners.

Want to win a giftbasket with Muppets themed goodies(2 winners)?

To win tell me what is your favorite character in The Muppets?  Winner chose by Giveaways open to US Mailing Addresses Only.

Please DO NOT leave your email address within the comment!!! Contest closes on November 26th 2011.

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Disclosure: I attended a screening and prizing provided by Disney.

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