Okabashi, Cute Yet Comfortable Shoes!

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I am all about the practical. Really I am. If that means sacrificing style, whatever iota of it I have left, I will. I do believe comfort trumps fashion any day of the week and have yet to regret that decision. Of course when you discover something along the way that manages to kill two birds with one stone, you can safely declare a winner. I could live in flip flop shoes all the time but sadly Boston winters are not so kind and most sandals, while comfortable for shorter durations, tend to make their presence felt as the day goes on, or if you do a lot of walking.

I love Okabashi¬†shoes because it is like walking on a firm sponge. It is like this cushion for your foot and because of the material it is made of you can also clean the shoes easily. While styles in regular flip flop style sandals may leave a lot to be desired, the Okabashi range screams fresh islandy style. Not only is it 100% recyclable but it contains 30% recycled material. How’s that for doing your green bit? I love shoes that don’t put a strain on your back (hence you will hardly see me in heels) and this one seemed to serve like a shock-absorber for your feet. Not only is it antimicrobial and odor resistant but you can toss it in your dishwasher (I know, I know weird but it cleans it though admittedly I have not tried it yet).

Somehow it grips well on floors which is a good thing since clumsy me would be falling on her face. Best part? – it is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Disclosure: I received a pair of these to review!

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