Mom Incorporated!

NEWS | | November 14, 2011 at 6:31 pm

When my friend Danielle Smith asked if I wanted to host their Boston book tour, of their book Mom Incorporated,  I thought she was kidding. Of course I wanted to be a part of their wonderful launch. After securing the perfect location, The Melting Pot in Bedford, bloggers got together to meet both Aliza Sherman and Danielle Smith. It was an extra treat to have Laura Fitton (aka @pistacchio) there too as I had just met her at the Life Is Good festival.

 The book tagline is building your business with baby and they are not joking. Forget those cliched and all coach like talk, these guys have stuff akin to timetables. The book looks like a roadmap to get you to your goal, but oh wait – it does not tell you your goal but discusses different options based on your needs and resources. I love when a book does not get all holier than thou and preach without knowing you. I really wish I had this book when I started then maybe I would not have spent so many sleepless nights! Seriously, there are passages that try to work with you how to fit in your work around your family.

Oh and no-one was happier than me when they debunked that whole work-life balance notion. I honestly used to gag when I saw that as a topic for several blog conferences – that made me feel a failure for not always getting my ducks in a row as I struggled to “do it all”. Their thought on juggling seems to make more sense, I choose the ball I want to catch, for now, knowing the one I drop can be picked up later – or not!

They are also not shy to get knee-deep into nitty gritty whether legal or finances. The writing styles perfectly complemented each other and while it was easy to read, it was in no way a “dummies” read. The truth is making it works takes some adjustments and some days are tough but the ones that work make it so worth it. Of course my biggest surprise came at the end – I had absolutely NO idea that Danielle mentioned me in her acknowledgements section.

Mom, Incorporated is really a wonderful guide to business + baby and I suggest you get your hands on your copy.

Disclosure: At the event I was provided a copy of the book, but would have purchased it in a heartbeat!

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