Glow In The Dark Hexbugs, Perfect For Halloween And Beyond!

REVIEWS | | November 2, 2011 at 7:48 pm

I love an excuse to have a party and when I got the chance to host a Hexbugs party I was already excited. The fact that it was the glow in the dark edition added more fun to it. I debated whether to set up the tracks or let the kids do it. I was wondering whether the kids may get frustrated trying to put it together but I got carried with other stuff and ran out of time to put it together before the party.

When the kids got there I appointed the older kids to put together the track. I was expecting there to be squabbles and for several requests for help but got neither.It must be based on the quality of the product but they managed to put together the entire set and loved how even building it was a team building exercise on its own.

While the glow in the dark bugs were a huge hit with some, personally I love how creepy the larvae were. The excited kids were excited to take home their own little bugs in the coffins and the tubes.

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