Easy Peasy Pizza Party!

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I used to be the person who spent elaborate time preparing for parties. When I worked in an office I made it my duty to ensure I planned outings with friends and sometimes even events at my own office (most times at my own expense). It was fun and something I continued even after marriage. The muted version after marriage was board game nights, and they were extremely popular. When we were buying our house I remember hubby’s first question to the real estate lady was “where would all our guests park?”. He was adamant that there was ample room for all our party guests. We were not even thinking about having kids at the time.

Fast forward kids on the scene and many parties ended up being kid’s birthday parties. While a joy for kids it has become ho-hum for me since most are at some external location and the interaction between kids decreases, though admittedly cleanup is a breeze and at least that keeps the stress at bay. I have started having smaller get togethers with different groups of kids just because it has been fun to watch them play. On the last one I wanted an easy dinner they would make but was not ready for the big preparation to ensue. Kids love to eat their own creation (most of the time) so we decided on pizza night.

All were ecstatic and though I was planning on making the pizza dough from scratch I forgot to kick it off and it was too late to get it in with the time yeast needs to do its work. So I settled on mini pizza crusts. I put the Ragu pizza sauce in a bowl and all the toppings. Cheese was the most dumped on ingredient and thanks to my 4 year old it almost finished before it made its way down to the last kid. I love having a pizza party for several reasons. It is so easy and kids love deciding what goes on their pizza and how much of it. The fact that it is an activity too is another winner. Fast baking of pizzas mean they don’t get too antsy waiting around for theirs.

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