Digital Gift Cards: Will It Save Us From The Craziness Out There?

REVIEWS | | November 21, 2011 at 10:58 am

While most people are thinking turkey, the rest of the population is thinking gifts. Finding the perfect gift has always been a daunting task and truthfully “perfect” is a pretty subjective term since on many occasions I have been both the receiver and giver of what was definitely construed by someone as well-meaning. I will be be the first to confess that gift returns to store is something I do laden with loads of guilt. Of course that guilt is usually overtaken with the fact that I am sure the gift giver would hate to be the bearer of something that will collect dust somewhere, for sure I would rather someone return a gift I bought rather than to have wasted my money completely.

The ultimate truth is I would rather them to actually have loved my gift. Even if they love it there is no guaranteeing that there will be not another one exactly like that in the pile of gifts. It is for that reason (well one of many) that I don’t have gift openings as part of birthday parties,  Gift cards seem like the obvious choice and I have yet to hear anyone I know moan about getting one. Have you? The laziness in me is loathe to walk to the store to buy one though, ok maybe I should clarify that it is the crazy schedule I keep that keeps me away (what? you thought this blog writes itself?).

Which would all mean that learning about  Clickit!togiftit! may save you some time. Electronic gift cards are also endearing to the procrastinator (are you looking at me?) yet still earns gratitude. Since you are gifting elsewhere you may as well earn something in it for you right? It offers a special gift with purchase promotion starting now.  For example, gift a $25 Uno’s voucher and get $5 to use yourself.  Or, receive a $10 egift card at The Children’s Place for every $40 you send but keep an eye out as the promos change each week. Or you can be smart and purchase it for yourself and still reap the extra incentives, don’t forget others on your list.


Disclosure: I will be provided a gift card as a thank you for sharing this news.



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