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Congratulations “It’s Not Like A Cat”!

It has really taken me a while to appreciate small businesses. I mean I have loved getting into a big named store knowing exactly where everything was no matter which city or state it was that I entered. Then I got older, and hopefully smarter too, and realized that whole cookie cutter stuff had less appeal. I liked being known by my face rather than “what’s your account number?” and better yet I loved that the service was so personal. The products are also wonderful especially when you don’t want to step out with the chance that maybe somebody will be wearing that exact same outfit. On a crazy note, I just love the competition and diversity of it all. The shorter chain to the top also means faster innovation becomes visible with less red tape. Yes, you can clearly see I am a huge fan of small business.

In fact today as I shopped a little on Black Friday (on a whim and no I would not stand in any line in the wee hours of any morning) I yearned for the smaller stores as I traversed the malls bored out of my mind. Good thing tomorrow is Small Business Saturday (November 26th 2011). Wondering what Small Business Saturday is? On the weekend that is supposed to be one of the busiest shopping weekends, a pledge to shopping at a small business locally would hopefully fuel the economy. I love that American Express is behind this initiative and supports this annually. This is the 2nd annual “Small Business Saturday” and proof that I firmly believe in this concept is last year I actually posted about this very campaign. My favorites in small business are Balance Spa and Stellabella Toys.

Now I know most of you are savvy shoppers out there but I would love to share with you a few tips I use.

  • Use a card instead of cash. No, I am not promoting you run yourself in debt, (we pay our cards in full every month) but using a card helps with budgeting, card protection (you know like if goods or services were not delivered) and you rack up points or rewards in the case of American Express. My deal is if you are going to buy something you may as well earn something for you too right? I even collected points when they had a diaper program for a wagon. For credit cards I used points for many things from toys, home appliances and even flights. Stay tuned as I follow up in the next post sharing more about rewards from American Express.
  • When shopping in this crazy season remember that sales do not mean you have to have it. It just means if you were already planning on purchasing it then go ahead and get it if it is now on sale. My rule of impulse buying is say no and walk out and if you really have the urge after leaving the store to go back and get it. I have found most times I did not care much about the item anymore.
  • I dislike feeling pressured from sales people. The “if you don’t take it now the sky will open an swallow you up” mentality makes me walk on just on that point alone. Shopping is a pleasurable experience and no-one should be changing that. Also everyone works really hard for their money and being made to feel guilty that you don’t own something is totally not cool.
  • Make it an investment. I spied some kiddie chair today and though I was sorely tempted to purchase those highly marked down ones I realized that it was not the best quality. While I could easily have bought the cheaper chairs I knew fast forward a few months they would be sitting on the kerb for trash collections. I am done with helping fill the landfills and sticking to things that would last, and if I cannot afford it then I wait until I can.
So armed with coupons, cards, points and my head firmly on my shoulders I will braze the crowds and score. Since it is Black Friday how about we have something special on

Would you like to win a $250 gift card of choice?

Now when you pick up your jaw off the floor from the disbelief at the amazing prize you can start reading further so you can actually enter, because there is no way to win if you don’t enter. To win tell me what so you do to stay within your holiday budget Winner chose by Giveaways open to  US residents only.

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Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with American Express.

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