A Family Dinner At Jerry Remy’s Grill!

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You don’t envision a sports bar and kids do you? Well neither did I. Actually until a while ago restaurants on their own were a challenge. Coupled with dealing with my daughter’s autism and our anxiety about getting a meal in edgewise we normally considered it to be “let’s get it over with” ordeal. Then as time grew, and so with my daughters, their palates craved something other than my food (how dare they right?) and we sauntered more and more into establishments where tipping was part of the process. In fact my kids get excited about choosing from the menu and look forward to the treats.

Still, I was dubious about the media invitation to a dinner at Jerry Remy’s grill I had just accepted. I was concerned that it would be too loud and distracting, especially for my 6 year old. When I entered I thought those booths looked way comfy but still those humongous screens still concerned me that she may get anxious. Of course, like most of my concerns, it was unfounded, as she was content to mark her menu. The waitress was sweet and even offered her her pink highlighter to make up for the fact that they had no crayons (lucky their smarty pants mama carried paper and crayons). The kids meals are decently priced around $5 but I was also happy to learn that on weekdays kids meals are free with adult meals (check site for actual details).

The Family Style meal was what we were in there as guests to check out. It comprises of fresh bread rolls, mashed potatoes, turkey tips, sautéed vegetables, pasta and meatloaf. Since we don’t really eat meatloaf we skipped that part but the rest of the meal so more than adequate, in fact we did not go for seconds and had the rest for lunch the next day at home. So what did the meal taste like? Since we bake bread often at time you may call us a bread snob – and those rolls definitely passed our test (even my girls are biased towards freshly baked bread). The turkey tips were sort of teriyaki chicken like but much chunkier. They were roasted to perfection and pretty filling too. The pasta was a marriage of pesto and alfredo sauce. Divine and indulgent with al-dente pasta you could seriously just have that as a meal. The mashed potatoes were creamy and were great when infused with a piece of turkey. The vegetables were hands down the best. It was like fall in that platter. The burst of flavor from the pumpkin, mushrooms, brussel sprouts and more vegetables in a non mushy way screamed flavor and color. Oy, you read that right brussel sprouts. Let me be clear I hated brussel sprouts before, no exaggeration at all. I am a huge fan of cabbage but brussel sprouts always left me feeling they would be all mushed up. These were slightly crispy and I liked it that way.

That would have ended well on its own but dessert was milk and cookies. Hubby was getting a kick of drinking milk in a “bar”. Warm choc-chip cookies were devoured by all at the table. Apparently the price is $14.99 per person for family meals with a minimum of 3 in the party (with kids paying a lower price). So if you have a big appetite and like unlimited good food that you would not expect from a sports bar, head on over to Jerry Remy’s Sports bar and Grill. 

Jerry Remy’s Address

1265 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215-3410
(617) 236-7369

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Disclosure: The meal was provided to us for review purposes!

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