Preventing Squirrels From Eating My Pumpkins!

NEWS | | October 17, 2011 at 8:03 am

I have been at my wit’s end with pumpkins. I tried growing it (I will have to admit that the entire team had no luck – blame it on the weather) but caved in and bought 2 from Wilson Farms. We barely managed to get a chance to enjoy the view of our porch with them sitting on the railing when lo and behold we return home one day and found one eaten. I was aghast. I promised my tearful 4 year old girl that I would get another, meanwhile swearing under my breath knowing that a new one would most likely meet the same fate.

So I got on and asked my online peeps – How To Prevent Squirrels From Eating Pumpkins? Here were some suggestions I got:

  • Get stinky squirrel repellant spray at the garden store. Be warned that the squirrel spray smells awful, so if it’s by your doorstep it gets a little rank.
  • Spray them with hair spray.
  • You can also use eucalyptus oil, but you have to reapply it quite often.
  • I’ve heard garlic, but that might just be for pests.
  • I think owl statues help keep squirrels out of your yard in general.
  • Try sprinkling some cayenne pepper on and around them.
Thank you fine friends. So fingers crossed, here goes.


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