Making Diwali Mine!

NEWS | | October 26, 2011 at 9:08 am

Can you imagine how Christmas, or any major festival, without family? That is exactly how I feel at Diwali. Even though I was used to being a minority, I am also used to see all festivals so deeply entrenched in society. I could be shopping at a supermarket just like here only thing is samoosas and lasagne would be side by side. Anyway while trying to focus on message of Diwali we share the message with our kids, albeit without the huge celebration that goes with it. Celebrating is tough when the rest of the community has no idea of what you speak, and that there is school/work the next day. In fact a few years ago I wrote a piece about Diwali for Sprouts (the kid’s tv channel)

When I was an engineer I dressed up in cultural wear and used it as an excuse to share about the festival. This year I got plain clay lamps and my girls are painting it. I hope to send in some themed crafts for the class as well. This weekend I will have a celebration, with my transplanted family out here. There will be food, fireworks and dance (Bollywood style of course) .

In short Diwali is a triumph of good over evil, light over darkness – so here is wishing you and your family health, wealth and prosperity during this season and beyond.

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