Life Is Good Festival Was More Than Good!

NEWS | | October 6, 2011 at 7:18 pm

I have never been to a Life Is Good festival. Somehow my travel schedule did not allow me to attend it in previous years. The fact that my kid with Autism finds crowds and loud sounds to be a bit discomforting makes us cautious where we choose to go. Still, knowing the mission behind the Life Is Good team I fell in love with it, especially since I have Mommy Niri Cares as my vision. I expected to have a crazy day with some joys but was ready for it being quite overwhelming. I could not have been more wrong. If there was ever a perfectly designed festival aimed at families and beyond, this would be it. From having stages set up with amazing performers, targeted at everyone, to having outside physical activities for every capability (sack-jump anyone?). Food, glorious food – not that awful food you expect at festivals but good wholesome, earthy food which somehow was priced at ridiculously decent amounts.

If the heat became too much there was everything from an instrument petting zoo to crafts for the kids.Lines? non-existent when I was there. Oh and the trash (seriously who talks trash about a festival, right?) they not only had recycle, trash and compost bins but a person at every single one to help you decide. Talk about walking away with an education. Water, while not at crazy prices, was another brilliant idea – refilling stations people! Are you in love with them yet? The all day yogurt stations didn’t hurt and seriously people Greek yogurt rocks. They could have left the festival at that, a perfect fun time – the Life Is Good team went further and had this festival as a fundraiser to help kids overcome life threatening challenges. In fact they raised over $1M. And that people is how you do it!



Disclosure: A special thanks to the Life Is Good team and Chobani yogurt (who have the yummiest Greek yogurt for kids called Champions) for having us as their special guests at the festival.


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