Home Depot’s Kids Workshop!

NEWS | | October 9, 2011 at 7:51 pm

Home Depot becomes a haven for the home owner and one of those places that inspires you to do-it-yourself. I am a huge fan of Home Depot, and ignoring the confidence it builds in me, I love that I can ask anyone advice and always have an educated response. I have never found them “salesy” to me (and this is not a sponsored post, I just love them dearly).

Home Depot Monthly Kids Workshop

Anyway one of my favorite things about Home Depot was always the clinics they hold, but it was a wonderful treat when a few years ago I found that they also had a Kids Workshop. This is held once a month and on different dates based on locations. Each month a different craft is made. They suggest  the targeted age is 6+ but seriously, with help, a 4 year old could manage too. Don’t be fooled in thinking 6+ could do it themselves or that the workshop is a too basic level, there will be nails or screws and definitely teach some good tool use. They designed them pretty easily so the few steps involved are clear and definitely self satisfying to see coming together.

No Early Registration For Workshop

Drill is same each month so kids learn the routine if they attend at each month. You register the kid (or kids) as you enter (no early registration needed beforehand), and you are handed an apron. You are also handed a “kit”, which is prepackaged all your materials (wood, nails etc) with instructions. You head over to workshop table. There are normally several setup with additional tools, like a hammer, for you to use. It is honestly a beautiful site to see parents and their kids building something together (fire rescue helicopters). After you are done, you can head to the painting station or not. Then you get a certificate with your name and a pin/badge to attach to your apron with a picture of the craft you just made. Seriously cool. I left out one important detail: IT IS FREE!


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