Fall Finds To Create That Fresh Look! And Some Halloween Boo Too! (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Alicia!

Is it really possible that I cover a season before that season passes? Well this may be a first but I expect t say hello to fall while it is still, well, fall. The only thing I do not like about Fall is that I know Winter is close on its heels. I really feel if I have to be anywhere in the USA for Fall, New England is the perfect place to be. The changing colors is something so breathtaking that I often want to just stop driving and breathe it all in. Who knows, I may just do that this year. October is a crazy time here at the Mommy Niri household and I am sure yours is pretty much similar. With Halloween, my birthday (today), my husband’s birthday (also today – freaky I know), me speaking at Blogalicious conference and also Diwali (the Indian festival of lights) it means that I could blink and miss this month. Since I feel that I owe you guys something big for putting up with all the silence happening on the blog, so this is just one of the amazing prizes.


Modify Watch

I used to be a watch person and then it all felt so blah. I remember I stopped wearing a watch when I was with a friend who never wore a watch (he said he did not need it) but kept us asking me the time. It annoyed me so much I decided I would not wear it. Although that friend moved away I never found inspiration enough to go back and use the watch or try a new one. Then I was asked about trying the Modify Watch – a watch that not only looked cool enough to wear but sleek enough to look look modern enough in any fashion era. Not only is the watch face bold and clear, the straps are soft and comfortable. The best part? You can change the strap to give it a fresh look or to match your outfit (or mood). Ordering it is super fun as you can see the various combinations with watch face and strap. And if you you think they look too girly, then check out some fun styles with the guy in mind. Don’t forget to enter the contest below to win one of your own.


Dry Erase Paint (IdeaPaint)

My husband loves whiteboards, I mean really loves them – we have one even in our bedroom. I hate it! I mean I want to be able to use them, which I do, but I hate that frame just sitting there – a reminder that something is there. Takes away from the appeal of a room. The fact that my husband really sucks at handyman stuff means that we have had too many fall off from the wall. I am so not kidding and have holes all over my home to prove it. It is a good thing the man is brilliant so his handiwork gets covered. IdeaPaint is formaldehyde-free and that falls totally in line with my aim to strive for greener living. The fact that just one coat is adequate means you can use it faster and you get to choose how and what surface can be made into a dry-erase surface. Now if you are creative you can think of designs to create or maybe just paint a door or something. I love that it comes with 2 cans that you need to mix called “this” and “that”. When there is no writing it totally blends in with the surroundings. The winning feature? The fact that can be covered up easily with regular paint if you change your mind. Want to win the kit to make your own dry-erase surface? Look below for details.

No Drips or Brush Marks Paint (Glidden Trim And Door Paint)

If you have ever painted walls you would know that the biggest pain is prepping the place before painting. Scratch that – that is the 2nd biggest pain. The first is definitely painting things like trim and doors.  These take so much of effort that I always found I would rather paint huge walls than work painstakingly. Since this is not my forte, the working slow also means that the drips on the floor cause a big mess. Now since you have to make slower and smaller strokes for these smaller and detailed areas it also means the paint thickens with the repeated brush strokes – inevitably those brush strokes start to show. To compound the problem when I buy cheaper brushes, those hairs start falling of the brush and into the paint – oy a big mess. I love that this paint uses gel technology and promises to have none of those brush marks nor dripping issues. Now since I have no idea what color you would love in the paint, I am instead going to give my lucky reader a $20 Home Depot card (while you are there check out the Home Depot Kids Workshop)

Scrubbing Bubbles

I love that Scrubbing Bubbles makes one of my chores in one of the rooms almost disappear. The bathroom takes a knocking anyway but have kids and bathrooms become their playground and a disaster zone. I love that Scubbing Bubbles makes it easier with many of the products requiring little effort. My favorite is the One Step Toilet cleaner. Basically it fits in the rim of the toilet and attached to an upside down canister in a special holder. There is a foot pedal at the bottom to start the quick spray. If you start off with a clean toilet and step on that pedal to squirt the spray twice a day and not only does the bathroom smell good but it actually maintains it. This is something that I can really get used to doing – anything that minimizes to tackling that loathsome task of cleaning. One of you lucky readers gets to take a basketful of a Scrubbing Bubbles products.


Motts – With it heading to Fall it also means that by now you would  also be running out of ideas for fresh snacks as the summer fruit is not available as easily. Before you reach to those sugar loaded snacks you might want to stock up on Motts both for juice and snacks. Keeping snacks without artificial ingredients helps breed good habits with kids (and adults alike) and also I have found they develop the taste buds for kids.  I also love using the applesauce for pancakes, great way to get the nutrients of fruit in your breakfast. I will be giving away a selection of Motts products to a lucky reader.


Phineas and Ferb Live show. My kids are crazy about the Phineas And Ferb show. In fact they love the music as well, enough that they know most of the lyrics as well. I just love that the show is entertaining enough that I could watch it but also does not have that meanness about it that most kid sitcoms. About the show:


School’s out for summer and anything is possible asPhineas and Ferb create their biggest invention yet — Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!  Phineas, Ferb, and the whole tri-state area gang embark on a bold escape jumping out from behind your TV and onto the stage in a live action adventure – right in your hometown!  And, before you can wonder, “Hey, where’s Perry?” the beloved pet platypus shifts to his secret double life as Agent P to foil another one of Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil plans.  Musical madness abounds in an escapade so awesome that even Candace can’t help but join the hilarious hijinks.  It’s the ultimate end to summer vacation, so seize the day ’cause Phineas and Ferb are gonna do it all!

I swear each time I hear Doofenshmirtz I giggle. Anyway a new show has been added to the lineup by popular demand - - Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7:00pm in Worcester. Lucky for you I have a special password that allows you an early access to preshow tickets : Here’s an exclusive pre-sale password for the newly announced performance – Thursday, Nov. 17th at 7:00pm.  Click this link and enter password AGENTPRE to get your tickets before everyone.  Front Row seats go fast, so get ‘em while you can!

Six Flags Fright Fest Although my kids are too young than the recommended age for Fright Fest (13 and above) I still thought I would give it a special shout out. Also maybe we can finally have something for kids older so they can skip the trick or treating and have something age appropriate. Since I have little ones I will not be attending but you can check out the events at Fright fest which is at all Six Flags across the country.

Real Steel

While I was not able to attend the screening we were invited to, The Papa Post was, and here is his take on the movie:

The movie reminded me of Rambo. The only difference was that instead of Sylvester Stallone it was an old robot that was slugging it out in the ring. There was drama and hype through out the movie as the supposedly strongest robot fell to a no name robot found in a junk yard. With the love and affection of a little boy and some training from the hero ( a former boxer), the lowly ranked robot was able to beat the stronger one. It was unbelievable to see robots in the ring fight like human boxers round after round. I was surprised that the robots were able to keep everybody on toes and provided full excitement throughout the movie. Yes, it was a good action movie.

Lion King

Now I wrote about Lion King in 3D but I definitely needed to remind you that is is released on DVD as well. So go grab this wonderful DVD to add to your collection.

Magic School Bus

I love the Magic School for it extending beyond the basics and covering science and more. Of course now that my daughter takes a school bus that means so much more to me. I love theme episodes and the Magic School Bus  delivers with “The Magic School Bus Inside The Haunted House”. It airs on October 29th – check out schedules for your town

PBS Highlights: There is also an amazing lineup of Halloween themed episodes for DINOSAUR TRAINSID THE SCIENCE KIDTHE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT!, and WILD KRATTS.  I just want to say that even my 6 year old still watches PBS and truthfully NOTHING compares with quality television more that PBS Kids (yeah, you can say I am a fan).


Kiwi Crate

Crafts save my sanity. If I set my kids up with a craft there is a pretty good chance I have a few hours to do my own thing (of course that means doing stuff that is really not my own thing). Here’s the biggest issue: I never have all the materials handy. Despite my best intentions I have found that I give up midway the project as it was just not what it said in some guide and then I also felt ridiculous buying an expensive set of materials without knowing if I would get its worth. The other thing is while I lack creativity my kids don’t but I love seeing something created in projects. Something that kids can actually use, beyond a drawing. Sometimes I am just plain bored and at my wits end as to what to create. This is exactly why I was keen to review Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crates sends over monthly craft kits with different activities. I love how everything is prepackaged and so neat. The instructions are so crisp and clear that even the kids can follow on their own. They made wonderful “stained glass” windows without actual glass – so not only was it safe, but they found creative ways to add their colored tissued paper to make designs.

Skylee – iLoveRobots

I love robots. I guess being an engineer that would come as no surprise, but I normally look at them as “work”. I do have a robot in the form of my vacuum clear Roomba though so I know they can be a part of your life easily. In the toy arena not much held my interest and most seemed, not boyish, but aggressive/fighting stuff. iLoveRobots guys came out with a fabulous range of  characters that are not only cuddly but have some intelligence built in. We got Skylee, the cutest little dragon you have ever seen and there is a baby dragon in an egg too. It is fabulous that Skylee recognizes her baby – and seriously has the most adorable walk.

Little Miss Muffin  Anyone else love Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy? Yeah, me too. I think that is what I adore most about these little muffin dolls is that they remind me of them. The fact that they come in bold colors with names matching muffin flavors is not the only thing that makes me yearn for muffins, but also the fact that as part of the doll is a muffin wrapper. The “wrapper” is more of a silicon wrapper and the entire doll can be tucked inside, with her hat becoming the muffin topping. Who’s hungry?

Are you in the mood for Fall now?

That was a lot going on up there so let’s recap what one extremely lucky Mommy Niri reader will win:

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