Spa Week ($50) Coming Up! I Had A Head Start!

REVIEWS | | September 26, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Spa! Don’t you just feel all relaxed uttering that word? Truth is if we all could afford it this would be a permanent fixture on the calendar. I mean, remove the cost factor and there is not a single bad thing I can think about a spa treatment. When I discovered Spa Week a year or so ago I was in indulgence heaven. Woah – should I backtrack? Do you want to know what Spa Week is? Imagine those pricey exquisite spa treatments for, wait for it, $50. When you have lifted your jaw from the floor, get on the phone with your spa to see if they are part of Spa Week.

Here’s the skinny:

Spa Week Fall 2011, presented by Carefree, is October 10-16

–          $50 Spa Treatments at top spas across North America

–          Regular prices of Spa Week treatments range from $75 – $500.

–          BOOK NOW! The early bird gets the best massage… or facial, scrub, body wrap, mani-pedi, eyelash extensions, body contouring, Botox and more!

–          Sign up and browse all the treatments available on


Now I took a spa treatment for a test drive, I know I live the life (would it make you feel better if I said I still have to wipe messy butts at home?). Although I am not new to Spa treatments I was to the Guinot Hydradermie . Now I don’t have acne or problem skin (I know, you’re hating me again right? How about I confess that my bathroom scale hates me?) so when spas promise to solve my skin issues they normally aren’t a big deal to me. I mean I have some dryness but I really expected to see no difference, even though I was being convinced of this revolutionary practice from France. The Visible Difference Spa definitely earned their name. When I looked at the mirror I was like “Wow”. I mean other than my skin looking so fresh, tighter and evenly toned – those dark circles were highly diminished. Yeah that me is with zero makeup. She promised me it would continue to look better each day later and she was not kidding.

Disclosure: The spa treatment was offered to me to review.

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