My Visit To The Ragu Kitchen!

NEWS | | September 26, 2011 at 9:27 am

So a confession here: I love behind the scenes! And this is for anything. I feel like it is some little secret that I have been made privy to something special. Getting to New York and not needing to wake up at an un-Godly hour was a treat. Dinner the night before was a wonderful selection of mouthwatering dishes but the icing on the cake was actually watching them set up the table next to us for the filming of one of the Kardashians. It included all the pizzazz with cameras, lights and NDA’s that our table had to sign. A perfect sign to say “You’re in New York now baby!” .

Then we headed to New Jersey to the Unilever offices the next morning. We met several members from the Ragu team and learned so much. I just had a few questions, especially about the ingredients and environment. I wondered about the sauce and the processed nature of it. I was glad to hear that that there was not only no preservatives but 2 whole servings of vegetables in each 1/2 cup. The journey from the farm to bottle is also amazingly short and I loved hearing how they flash steamed the tomatoes in huge pots. Crop rotating and the fact that all farms are in the USA are pretty good points to convince one that Ragu take not only their sauce seriously but their environment and community too.

 My favorite part? Getting to see recipe demo and taste all the food prepared with Ragu sauce. Here’s the thing: that food tasted so good that I personally feel it rivaled the fancy restaurant the night before.

Check out the video of the Chicken No Fry Parmesan.

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