Discovering The Mom In Me, And The Mom For Me! #aMillionMoms

MY VIEWS | | September 18, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Recently, as part of the Million Moms Challenge, I was asked about my challenging moment being pregnant. To keep it in a nutshell, the biggest challenge was going it alone. More importantly it was going it without my mom, a mom who had died 13 years ago this very week. Writing it was emotional for me and the tears came rushing back, almost as fast as the memories as I sat in a Starbucks cafe hoping to focus on the post. Holding it all in was difficult and somehow putting it out there felt slightly cathartic. Go read my Million Moms Challenge on the ABC page.  Writing Becoming A Mom, Missing My Own made me Skype my family for almost an hour and really delivered some peace.

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