Back To School – Take Two! (Giveaway)

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Congratulations Elaine!

So while everyone is getting settled in to school and feeling like summer I am still in denial. So much so some of you get to score on some great giveaways. We are still scuttling around with my preschooler with me dealing with the fact that public schools have lottery systems for admission (WTH with that?), the most are mixed with “daycare” like atmosphere, lack of any “lessons”, cost the earth and me even discovering teachers who can’t spell (on charts mind you). While I heave a big sigh let me move on to happier news. Let’s take a look at a few things that caught my eye and one lucky Mommy Niri reader is going to win a big bundle of products.

For school:

Back To School Fashion At TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx has been a favorite store even before I had kids. There is something literally for everyone and truthfully that home section drives me berserk with the colorful kitchen items. So when I was asked if I would take my kids shopping for back to school, I knew it would be fun. My girls love shopping and hubby and I learned a while back that buying something without them seeing it means they may NEVER wear it. So taking them to choose their own clothing means they will actually get much use out of all the items. Which does not mean that they get everything they demand, as we have on many occasions walked out without purchasing and I have yet to see a tantrum if we don’t take their chosen item.

Personally I love seeing their style choices. My 4 year old is as girly as girly gets while the older 6 year old tries her hand to mix and match trends – she calls herself a fashionista. I sometimes have to wince at her choice since she mixes up patterns and patterns but honestly looks so preppy when she tries it on. Since I don’t have a fashion bone in my body I figure I better give them a shot at letting their own come through. They both chose little sweater cardigans which would work perfectly in fall. My 4 year old had to select a dress and a knitted one was her choice. Frankly I was glad it was brown instead of the regular pick (admittedly it did have bits of pink) while the sister chose a really nice sweater. I was unsure about it wondering if she would use it. It looked regal and smart and amazing quality. Since the prices of wonderful brands are slashed at TJ Maxx I knew we could get top quality stuff at a decent price. Of course she proved me wrong and wore that sweater to the 1st day of school. 1st Grade and preschool never looked so hip!

Land’s End backpacks

There is no doubt in my mind that Land’s End makes some of the finest backpacks. In fact when we attended Style School earlier this year I spied not only their backpack but their school catalog. I was literally shocked at their selection. It was pretty clear that school items were not just regular items thrown in to use at school but a concerted effort to provide a wide range and quality products to boot. From the fact that their adult canvas totes more than rock my boat (have you felt that quality elsewhere?) I knew I was in safe hands to look to them for the next bag as my daughter moved to Grade 1. I loved her current pink one but, like her, it needed a graduation too. We debated between the bigger Land’s End backpack we got to one with wheels. The rolling  backpack is surely a lifesaver for any back lugging around a huge load. With that in mind I thought it was a brilliant idea, especially since the wheels are large and allow for easy maneuvering. The padded backing and the zipper pocket which allows the shoulder straps to be tucked away are all useful and well designed features. The adjusting handle that seems sturdy enough to get some pretty good use out of it without falling apart. The reason I eventually opted for the the regular larger backpack (a purple one from Land’s End) instead of this is for 2 reasons. The first is the hallways are pretty small and I doubted my 1st Grader with not the greatest motor skills would not trip some innocent kiddo in her class. The second is the fact that it never stays standing up, which would mean that her bag would constantly be flat on the floor. In a year or 2 she will be pining after this bag but for now the larger backpack gives her the additional roominess she needs (you know for all that extra paperwork she brings home – yikes).


I can’t talk about this company without getting excited. I met Mabel’s Labels in 2009 and have loved them ever since. These are the guys who believe in their product and having used them since then I can say they have reason to be proud. Whether it is for lunch boxes or bottles or shoes or jackets they are the ultimate. Even through several dishwasher rounds I have never seen those labels peel. Ever! I love them so much I order them as gifts and feel immensely proud seeing them used (how many gifts can you say guarantees that?). My love story with them is not just for my kids. No way I will miss using them for me. From bag tags to labels for my cables (at conferences mine rocked with the stickers) I find plenty of uses. There is a perfect sticker designed for everything and unless you love to keep buying your kid a new water bottle each time they lose it. If you want to make sure that your kid’s allergies are more prominent, you may also want t check out Mabel’s Labels. Better yet enter to win the Ultimate Back To School Combo (valued at $42)


A kid has got to drink. While passing up on soda for juice seems like a good deal the sugar in most does not. The calcium in milk should make it a no-brainer and chocolate flavored milk is normally with all kids anyway but some have still a lot of sugar in it.  At home we normally stick to organic milk because I am paranoid about artificial growth hormones in milk. Another pet peeve is high fructose corn syrup, or whatever they mask their name as, it is all BAD. TruMoo is made with no high fructose corn syrup or artificial growth hormones and TruMoo’s lowfat and fat-free varieties contain 15 to 20 percent less added sugar and 10 to 15 fewer calories than Dean Foods’(the manufacturer) previous chocolate milk formula. Want to win a TruMoo kit with chocolate milk, an apron, and straw? See details below for contest.


You know how some brands just ooze ingenuity? Well 3M does that and I love surrounding myself with products from a brand who is smart and continually creating amazing stuff. I am going to call out one of my ultimate favorites. The new 3M restickable shapes are just amazing. I can finally put up my kids art work without damaging the walls. Heck it is so easy they could do it themselves. The fact that it has shapes that actually look pretty does not hurt. Another favorite is their line of green products. A company after my own heart, these products remain functional as well as being kind to the earth. From the kitchen scourer to the greener tape they cover the full spectrum. So what will Mommy Niri give a lucky reader from this fabulous company (I know I gush so much I should actually work there)? How about all of this:

  • Scotch Pop-Up Tape Deskgrip Dispenser
  • Scotch Restickable Tabs- 3 packs
  • Scotch Magic Greener Tape- 1 roll
    • 1 refill
  • Poster strips- 2 packs
  • Cord clips- 1 pack
  • Decorative hooks in Vintage Teal and Green Grass- 1 pack each color
All comes in an adorable backpack. A prize to do for.

Kleenex Cool Touch tissues

With school and pending winter, cold and flu season is a guaranteed guest. Wiping snotty noses is painful, but even more-so is wiping painful snotty noses. You know how you reach that point and your nose feels like raw skin? Now imagine that whiny kid with a leaky nose that hurts too – I know! So I love this new creation of Kleenex Cool Touch tissues – cool to the touch. You can send a free Share Packageto someone special and everyone who sends a Share Package will receive a free sample of Kleenex Cool Touch tissues. You can even track the chain of sharing they’ve inspired via an interactive map.

FairyTales Hair Care

Lice, it is the one topic we all don’t want to talk about either before, during or after it happens in your home. In fact I was skeptical about trying it out that was until I tried out FairyTales natural bug spray during summer and it worked. Since I really did not want to deal with lice issues (and having 2 little girls I feel like I am tempting fate) I thought prevention was the way to go. The entire range of FairyTales Hair care includes: Rosemary Repel Shampoo, Rosemary Repel Conditioner, Rosemary Repel Leave-In Conditioning Spray, and either the Rosemary Repel Gel OR the Spray and Sheild Hairspray. The fact that it is all natural was a huge plus point and the smell is pretty neat too.

Entertainment – Kids:


Beloved Disney movies Dumbo and Spooky Buddies on DVD

Some Disney movies never go out of style andDumbo is one of them. That wonderful elephant who uses his ears to fly with his ever trusting friend the muse Timothy Q is sure to allow you to share a snippet with your kids. And I swear when you see them laugh at something you did when you were a kid, time stands still. Mommy Niri reader gets to win a DVD.

Spooky Buddies is part of the Disney tradition of their offering for Halloween. These furry friends have faithfully delivered for each season and adds another movie you can slot into the DVD player and start to feel the Halloween season surround you. Perfect for a kiddie movie halloween party if you ask me. Luckily one of you get to take this home.



For mama (Heck we need something too)


So a good pair of jeans is worth anything. I mean anything. Think of the value you get out of them. One made by Levi’s is a no brainer right, as these guys have “jeans” as their middle name. They make jeans for the whole family so basically this is not a point for just mama. But wait, a jeans to tuck and suck in those wee-bits extra post baby? Guys, I am wearing it as I type this. A major plus point is that the hugging feeling it has is perfect. The fact that it is thinner and less bulky than most is another plus point. While you would expect to pay a lot for jeans, they range from $18 – $30, how’s that for a steal? Plus you need something really sassy to wear to the kid-pickup line, especially to distract from that hair that has not been washed in ages.

Orthoheel sandals

I mentioned this amazing shoe in my Fabulous BlogHer Finds so go read my review there, but I have to add my reaction to using them consistently for a bit. I am no doctor, foot or otherwise, but climbing up my basement stairs I noticed my feet feel different. I actually could feel that I was not stepping “flat footed” on the steps, I could actually feel like my arches were lifted. Weird feeling but calming to note that maybe the shoes does help form (or re-form) the foot. Oh, and guess what? A Mommy Niri reader wins a pair of Orthoheel sandals worth up to $75. Sweet!



Having always wanting to be near the city living in the suburbs can be tough. I always wanted to either live in the city or work there. When I quit my job the shock of not having the “city” was a tough one. It is also a strange pill to swallow. This is one show I will be watching as I laugh at many similar predicaments that I happen to share. Of course having a kid in school is another way to rub the fact that you are in the suburbs straight in your face. You actually have to communicate with everyone. Here is a blurb about it:

Single father George only wants the best for his sixteen-year-old daughter Tessa. So when he finds a box of condoms on her nightstand, he moves them out of their apartment in New York City to a house in the suburbs. But all Tessa sees is the horror of over-manicured lawns and plastic Franken-moms. Being in the ‘burbs can be hell, but it also may just bring Tessa and George closer than they’ve ever been.

Premieres Wednesday, September 28 at 8:30 on ABC and honestly is the the one show I can’t wait to see. But wait – there is something for all Mommy Niri readers.  For a limited-time, watch an advanced screening of ABC’s newest comedy, Suburgatory then tune in to the premiere, Wednesday, 8:30|7:30c on ABC.

To view, visit  

Enter Code: pWNlhSSKa

Does this get you in the mood for Back-to-School now?

That was a lot going on up there so let’s recap what one extremely lucky Mommy Niri reader will win:

  • Prize pack from Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back To School Combo (valued at $42)
  • 3M products all with a backpack
  • TruMoo – giftpack
  • Orthoheel Sandals valued at $75
  • Disney’s Dumbo on DVD
  • Disney’s Spooky Buddies on DVD

Want to win this fabulous back-to-school prize pack?

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