What’s In Your Cheese?

REVIEWS | | August 15, 2011 at 11:25 am

You know when The Motherhood asked whether I would take a Sargento cheese testing/tasting party to see the difference of processed vs non-processed cheese, I thought I had this one nailed. I mean I am a little careful about ingredients anyway but I have to admit I needed a reminder since it is not something I look hard at the ingredients etc at. I mean cheese is cheese right? No! So we laid out the Sargento cheese slices along with some yummy crackers and the dried fruit along with the processed cheese slices. I think had I had them separately I may not have noticed too much.

Here’s what I found:

  • Processed cheese starts out as a liquid and molded – which is clearly seen by the edges and the “oozing” out in the individual plastic wrapper.
  • Natural cheese slices are sharp around the edges as they have been actually sliced.
  • Processed cheese is “rubberish” definitely a telling sign that there is something “more” gluing it all together
  • The ingredient list in natural cheese is clear and identifiable, unlike its fake counterpart.
  • Natural cheese jus oozes out flavor and is strikingly different.
  • Processed cheese is commonly called “american cheese”

Having them side by side meant you could clearly see the difference and while I may have on occasion had the processed one this taste test allowed me to focus on how drastically different they were. My 4 year old, who considers herself a cheese aficionado, passed her favorite string cheese in favor of the sliced Sargento  cheese. That to me was the best thumbs up I needed.

Disclosure: The Motherhood and Sargento compensated me to host this cheese comparison tasting.

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